About the city

At the southern border of the Minsk region, surrounded by the ancient mounds, is located Kopyl city, which was firstly mentioned in chronicles in 1274.  However, according to many historians and local residents, the city existed for three hundred years before the given date. Despite few residents, Kopyl, as well as a number of other Belarusian towns, has an interesting history and a number of places of interest that attracts travelers, archaeologists, ethnographers and tourists fr om all over the world. Kopyl is a hometown to more than 30 well-known writers, including Tsishka Hartny, Kuzma Chorny, Anatoly Astrejka, Adam Rysak and Ales Adamovich.

Main attractions

One of the most popular Kopyl historical sites is Zamkova Hora, alongside of which flows a healing spring "Krinichka" (chemical analysis, carried out in the laboratory, indicates that the water is highly mineralized, and the quality is not worse than foreign analogues). Zamkova Hora is located at the confluence of two rivers - Mazhа and Kamenka, presenting a form of almost perfect ellipse. The mountain has a splendid view of the city and forest tract, so that Zamkova Hora is one of the popular places for photo shoots.

Many people are attracted by the legend which says that the pagan sanctuary was located in Zamkova Hora. The Kopyl regional museum has a unique collection of artifacts found during the excavation of the Zamkova Hora, for example, a surgical knife, honeycombs, authentic mammoth teeth, a clay figurine of dog, brass rings, cannonballs of Napoleonic times, and much more. If you want to listen to a story about Kopyl, touch the unique relics with your own hands and enjoy the collection of paintings - the local museum with a great pleasure will unlock the mystery. By the way, the building of the local history museum is an architectural monument, in the past it was a leather workshop. For young loving couples every Saturday in the museum a wedding ceremony "Guardians of happiness” is held.

For old churches lovers it will be interesting to visit the Holy Resurrection Church, built in 1866. It should be noted that the city’s architecture is significantly different fr om the one of neighboring towns. There are many buildings of the Soviet monumental and decoration art: administrative, municipal and commercial buildings are decorated with marquetry. Decorative images of schoolchildren, families, astronauts and Vladimir Lenin are made in sgraffito technique.

Places to eat and relax 

Of course you won’t find any modern supermarkets in Kopyl, but you can buy everything you need in the local department stores. You can have a meal at the cafe "Belorusochka", "Kapylyanka" and the restaurant "Kolos". A wide range of dishes and drinks, as well as free wi-fi offers cafe "Delicacies" - a cozy place with a presentable exterior design.

 You can stay for a night at the hotel "Kopyl", in the rooms of the second and highest class or at farmstead "Okolitsa", wh ere you will be offered a delicious dinner, cooked in the best Belarusian traditions. Rooms are designed in Eastern, African and Belarusian styles. Next to "Okolitsa" there is a mini-market wh ere you can buy inexpensive products and essentials for ecotourism, because, the guests are offered excursions, camping, fishing, and many more for a memorable recreation and pleasant impressions!


One of the oldest traditional city festivals is Kupala - a lovely holiday of sun and land flourishing. It is celebrated on the night of 6 to 7 July in mid-summer. On Kupala usually theatrical thematic performances are held. Also there is a contest for the best Kupala wreath, entertainment, gifts and prizes.

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