Travelling along Belarus, you should surely visit a small town Kletsk, located in the southwestern part of the Minsk region, on the bank of Lan river. Kletsk is considered to be one of the most ancient Belarusian towns. It was firstly mentioned in chronicles in 1127 and in 1940 it became a city. It is believed that Kletsk originated on the place of a feudal castle, which at that time was a part of the Duchy of Turov and Pinsk. Some historians believe that the city was founded by Yaroslav the Wise. For many centuries of its existence, Kletsk was passed fr om one prince to another: fr om Michael Sigismundovich Mazowiecki to Prince Casimir, and then to the princes of Radzivill.

One of the most significant historical events is a Lithuanian-Tatar war (1506), when the Lithuanian army defeated the Tatar hordes. You can learn more about the battle and see the exhibits, visiting the Museum of history of Kletchina. As a result of the Russian-Polish and the Great Northern War, the city was completely destroyed and was restored only after joining the Russian Empire in 1973. By the 19th century Kletsk became a developed trade and craft city, wh ere Kletsk horse trade fair, popular that time, was held.


In general, the city's architecture is quite simple: the main square, one cinema, hotel "Lan" with the same name restaurant, the Palace of Culture and the City Museum of history of  Kletchina , the variety of small shops. However, Kletsk has its attractions. In the main city Mayakovsky Square, you will see the Dominican Сhurch of the Annunciation, built in 1683, now it is called the Holy Resurrection Church, towers of which are seen from any place of the city. Walking along the city square, you can see the memorial complex in the memory of Soviet soldiers and partisans with a height of 14.5 meters.  It was erected in 1975.

In one of the city’s bedroom communities, new Kletsk Cathedral was built instead of the Trinity Cathedral, which was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. 19 km from Kletsk, not far from Radziwill castle, there is an amazing Nesvizh castle, a palace and park complex with a total area of ​​100 hectares. There are vast scenic landscapes with lots of unusual monuments and historic sites on the territory of the castle. In Kletsk preserved a former hospital (1909) and the Church of the Intercession (1876). One more notable sight is a crafts center in the village of Moroch and Folklore house in the village of Kolka.


You can stay at the only hotel "Kletsk," the cost of a double room is from around 48,37 BYN.  Not far from the hotel you will find the restaurant "Lan". Tourists, who visited Kletsk, speak well of a small cafe "Krynachka" wh ere dishes are cooked deliciously, fast and for reasonable price. Moreover, all is served with a smile.


You can walk and relax in the city park of culture with an artificial pond and landscaped embankment. Traditional Kletsk festival City Day is celebrated on the 3d of July, the mass celebrations are held till the morning. It includes theatrical performances, local bands live performances, concerts, contests with prizes and more!

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