The town settlement of Smilovichi, Minsk region

A splendid township Smilovichi is located on the territory of Minsk region. This settlement is near the Volma river 27 km fr om the capital of Belarus. According to the latest information the population is about 5 thousand people. And for the last time the population of the village has increased. The locals appreciate and try to take care of their “house” as it is possible.  Many buildings of the village are historical and cultural values.

The history of Smilovichi

The first mention of the village was in 1483. At first Tatars lived in the territory of the village, at that time it was called differently, Bakshtanty. At different times Smilovichi was owned by different people, the village went from one owner to another. And only in 1791 Moniushko became the owner of this land.  During the Great Patriotic War a lot of locals suffered in the village, many buildings were spoiled.

In the archives of the local museum you can find a lot of information about the village history, and also about not survived to the present day churches and buildings.

In the 19thcentury the settlement had a well-developed infrastructure: 3 churches, temples and prayer houses, several mills, a couple of hotels, girls’ and boys’ schools, breweries, distilleries, a cloth factory and many local shops. And it is not a complete list of local objects. Only few small towns could brag of such a rich infrastructure at that moment.  

Since 1963 Smilovichi has got an opportunity to call a town settlement.

Smolivichi attractions

In spite of a small size of the settlement it has a lot of attractions. There are many architectural and historical monuments which can attract one’s attention. Here are some of them:  

1. The estate of Moniushko which is also known as the Palace and Park Ensemble. The whole complex was built in 19th century and consisted of a palace, a domestic house, outhouses, a lodge and a wing. Alexandr Moniushko started the construction of the palace on the place of a very old castle. His offspring continued the work. All the buildings have survived till our days, but they are gradually going to ruin and require a restoration.

2. St. George Church opened in 1992.

3. The mosque opened in the late 20th century.

4. The monument in honor of civilians shot by the Nazis.

5. The museum called “The Space of Chaim Soutine" which started working in 2008. It is situated the building of the Center of children and youth's creativity.

6. An old Jewish cemetery not far from the village.

The town settlement of Smilovichi is a place wh ere you want to return again and again. Once is not enough to heartily enjoy not only the historical atmosphere but also the beauties of the nature.

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