Ivenets urban settlement in Minsk region

There is a small but very interesting settlement on the river Volma among hills and forests. The nearest city is Volojyn. There are about 4 thousand people in the village. The planning is very original: three is a square in the centre and there are street that are attached to it like rays.

Its history

Since the 16thcentury the village had been known as the privacy of the prince Vitovt. In 1940 the settlement became the centre of Ivenetsk region. During the war time Ivenetsk was under the German occupation. Pottery was very widespread here. The production was popular not only in the neighborhood but in local towns and big markets. The trade still exists.

The sites of interest

There are a lot of sight-seeing places. The most important one is the complex of Franciscan monastery. It was built in 1702 on the hill near the local river. The place is very picturesque. It was closed several times, now it works.

The main building of the monastery is catholic cathedral of St Michael in baroque style. Its building was ended in 1749. Throughout its history it belonged to Catholics and Orthodox. In 2003 the building was restored and it let see it in a good condition. By the way there is a Mother of God’s icon that is believed to be miraculous.

Except the main building there are living, household and other interesting constructions. The whole complex is very valuable. It’s worth visiting. You can learn a lot of new and feel its nice atmosphere.

Another heritage of the settlement is the catholic church of St Alex. It was built in 1907. Now it’s still in a good condition. There is also a small chapel behind it.

There is also a Yefrosinia’s church on the territory. This modern building is on the central square. Though it’s rather new it attracts people.

You may also visit the farmstead Plevako. The central part of it is just ruins but you can see restored stables and the barn.

There are a lot of breathtaking architectural monuments and historical values in Ivenetsk. Each of them is originally interesting.

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