There are many legends, according to which the name of Fanipol city appeared. However, a legend about the fact that a pan lived in ancient times in the Belarusian land is the most plausible and most favorite among the local population. He was a rich, but a very wicked. He constantly whipped peasants for any fault. The pan had two daughters: Fanya and Polya. They were distinguished by their kindness. The peasants came to them in order to thank the ladies. The girls asked people to land on the fruit trees in gratitude.

Once Fanya and Polya helped the cook Hanna and the groom Vasil escape together. The pan got angry and decided to punish the daughters: to flog them to death with rods. But, the entire rod turned into a branch of the apple miraculously, the pan of anger had died, and the girls went away.

Fanipol got its name in honor of Fanya and Polya, and only an apple orchard remained in their memory. Maybe that's why the golden apple was depicted on the city's coat of arms.

A stop: Fanipol

The first mention of the town dated back to 1856. It was a farm in the Samohvalovichskaya parish of the Minsk district in those years. It belonged to the landlords Enelfeldt and Bogdashevsky. Tokarevskaya station was opened on the territory of Fanipol in 1871, named after the governor of the province of Minsk - Vladimir Tokarev. By the way, V. Tokarev is the founder of the Brest-Moscow railway.The station began to be called Fanipol already in 1976. So it is called to this day.

The closest satellite of Minsk

Fanipol - is one of the six cities, is the satellite of Minsk. Location - only 13 km from the Minsk ring - a good option for those who are more in solitude soul. According to the census of January 1, 2016, the city's population is 15 198 people. It’s quite convenient to get from the city to the capital of Belarus and back: commuter trains, taxis, electric. Fanipol has 4 kindergartens, a high school, middle and music schools, as well as a library.

The only one in the whole Belarus

Industry is quite well developed in the city. The first concrete bridge factory was built in Fanipol in 1965. Furthermore, it is only one in the country. The products were created for virtually all highway bridges in Belarus at the company.

Fanipol Experimental Mechanical Plant, Fanipol repair-mechanical plant, UE "Belagrosnab" – these are not all the enterprises in the city, which provide job to Fanipol residents and nearby cities.

Dzerzhinskaya Broiler poultry farm - the largest enterprise in the city, has a special place in this list.

A city life

There are some monuments in Fanipol: the church, the Polish Catholic church and the evangelical prayer house. A City House of Culture offers residents and visitors a lot of leisure options. Though the city is not particularly attractive from a tourist point of view, but not every city can boast such a large number of enterprises. So, Fanipol - more a city for life, rather than the tourist Mecca of Belarus. 

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