The village of Zaushye. Across the Usha River

A traveler who looks for new discoveries and experiences will find the village of Zaushye across the Usha River. This village is located in Minsk region, Nesvizh district. Thousands of roads, where old trees grow on the wayside, lead to Zaushye.

The village keeps its history and it is considered another beautiful place of Belarus that every single person should visit. About 30 inhabitants live in the village. Its geographical location is one of the main advantages of the village of Zaushye. The road Nesvizh – Snov – Baranovichi lies through the village. The settlement Gorodeya is situated 8 kilometers fr om Zaushye. You can get to Minsk and Brest by train in this settlement.

The village and its past

There are birch trees along the roads, pine forests, river ... No doubt, the Belarusian noblemen chose this village in order to build here their magnificent estates, parks, and gardens because of its beautiful nature.

Unfortunately, few buildings are preserved nowadays, but what we can see is truly amazing. For example, these are ruins of a chapel (the end of the XVIII century), three barns and outbuildings, water mill of the XIX century.

Frozen in time, these buildings are surrounded by trees and bushes, silently keeping secrets of deceased noblemen.

The village lives

A new day begins in the village with roosters’ crowing. Suddenly a tourist bus appears on the road. On the way to the Nesvizh castle, people will be able to explore this small village Zaushye and its monuments. Massive columns, wooden outbuildings, stone walls – on one hand, these buildings do not fit the modern village life. But, on the other hand, they create a unique atmosphere of the past, which is carefully kept in this small corner of Belarus.

Most of the territory belongs to an agricultural enterprise, some residents work there.

Endless fields, wh ere various fruits and vegetables grow now, were battlefields once. During the war, people starved and hoped only for the fertile land. Perhaps that is why some villages lost valuable monuments for our time. And what is left requires restoration.

Who knows, but another important thing is that people remember about the past, they come to those places, observe, empathize and admire at the same time. And, who knows, perhaps there will be investment projects, which will lead to the restoration of monuments and former beauty.

It is clear: the Belarusian village lives since people work and make efforts in order to create a better place to live. So the next generation will remember not only names of noblemen but difficult times in the history of Belarus. The village of Zaushye is a good example.

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