There is a village on the bank of the river Vyazynka, which shares its name with it. According to 2010 population census, there are 342 inhabitants there. This cohort of Belarusian people is proud of their place of living, because of their countryman Yanka Kupala (Ivan Dominikovich Lutsevich), who is a famous Belarusian poet, national pride and a cult figure at all times.


This place is known fr om the 2-4 centuries BC. Not far fr om the village there is the settlement of hatched pottery. The first excavations for the purpose of ancient heritage study, undertook  the former owner of the village and manor Stanislav Zambrzhitsky. Mound-settlement still attracts attention with its mysterious history.

The territory of the village and manor kept its own autonomous chronicle. Initially it was owned by the Pshazdetskie family, then the Zambrzhitskie. It was the member of Lithuania, then Poland and after the war - the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.


In 1882, on the 7th of July, in the Vyazynka village, a boy was born, who grew up, adopted a pseudonym Yanka Kupala and glorified his native land with his poems (in continuation of the story – the lines from his poems were carved on huge boulders on the territory of the national park, created in his honor; it attracts the tourist’s attention, expressing a great respect for the beloved "Pesnyary"). His parents rented a part of the manor house in Vyazynka. Two years later, they changed their place of living, but this place is still revered as the birthplace of the poet.

In the house wh ere he was born, there is a museum in the honor of the poet, wh ere the everyday life of that period is recreated and the things of Yanka Kupala are kept. State Literary Memorial Museum of Yanka Kupala  was created on his homeland for his 100th anniversary.  There is a branch of the literary museum named after him (situated in Minsk). There is a commemorative plaque in the house and at the central park alley there is his bust (the author is Zair Azgur).

All the attributes of the estate: a park, a pond, a fountain, an alley, outbuildings were carefully preserved by the descendants. Beautiful nature of the area delights, landscapes and pathetic details, that were poetized in the verse lines and images, touch the heart deeply.

Memorial Park is visited by up to 100 thousand of indifferent tourists a year, coming from nearby and distant countries, coming on foot from the villages and towns of Belarus. After all, every citizen of the Republic of Belarus knows his lines since the early childhood.

This tourist route is included in the list of international ones by the decision of the Unesco.


The quintessence of the Belarusian national spirit and culture is in the air. The history of these places associated with the poet and poetry itself that permanently settled here - all this attracts visitors. From official events, hold in the village and homestead; poetry, folklore festivals, regular gatherings of philologists and linguists should be mentioned. To organize such events, concert stage and platform for spectators and public festivals were built here.


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