A quiet corner of Belarusian nature is located 40 kilometers fr om Minsk. You can watch sunrises and sunsets near the same-name river in the village of Volma. It is here in Dzerzhinsky district of Minsk region wh ere the Volma River begins its journey. A hilly terrain is gracefully combined with the water element.

Saved and Lost

The first mention of the village dates back to the second half of the XVth century. It belonged to one noble family and then to another one. At different times Gashtolds, Volodkhoviches, Filipoviches wandered amid beautiful trees. In the beginning of the XIXth century, the estate belonged to a noble family of the Vankoviches. Thanks to them, the estate was built on the north side of the village; a park and rosary were built there as well. Nowadays, lilacs, briar bushes grow on the territory.

The Vankoviches’ estate is preserved till the present days. The park ruins, outbuildings, kitchen remind us about those times. Today, the estate is under the patronage of the International Sakharov Environmental Institute.

The Kopylinsky estate is another estate with an unusual fate. In the second half of the XXth century, it became part of the village of Volma. Today, the building is functioning as a hospital.

The Assumption church was not preserved in the village. However, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was built in 2004 in Volma. A water mill and ruins of a chapel, tombs of the Vankovich family are preserved today.

Fishing Spot

Today about 200 inhabitants live in Volma. Residents like fishing. The carp, perch, crucian can be found in the lake. Visitors are also fond of fishing. However, they do not mind to take a walk across the old park. Oaks, ash trees, poplars, maples, firs grow there. One can stay overnight in the village, hire a bicycle or a fishing rod.

The name of Volma

Willow plantations grow in Volma. Not for nothing, one may say. A thicket of willow shrubs is called “volma” in the local dialect. Since ancient times, the willow has represented flexibility and endurance, the ability to cope with difficult situations. Probably, the village was called so not unreasonably. Despite frequent changes, Volma is preserved to the present day. This is nothing more than a legend, but so many coincidences make us believe in the power of its name.

The village grows gradually. Many new houses and cottages indicate that life goes on.

The same names of settlements are also found in Cherven and Smolevichi districts. Everyone can find his Volma, which will be the most beautiful in the world. It is worth coming to the village of Volma only because people remember their past history.

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