A modest village Sunai is situated on the territory of Minsk region in Kopyl district. In due time there was a kolkhoz named after Lenin. The village seems to have remained in the early 20thcentury, and since then the time has stopped here. Now visitors come here not very often, but those who visit it are always impressed.  Not some gorgeous views of preserved buildings, not amazing stories about this village surprise visitors, but just the opposite, "a grain" and a piece of remaining history, which was managed to see until its complete disappearance.

The attractions of Sunai

Not all the locals know the history of their village, but in the 19th century in their settlement there was a whole estate called Iodko-Pukovo. Unfortunately the estate remained only partially. And what has survived to the present day, is in a poor condition. Among these buildings there is a building of a granary, several stables, ruins of a hothouse, outhouses and a unique building about which historians have different opinions. Someone thinks that it was a smokehouse that is more likely, other suppose that it might be a bathhouse.  Most people incline to the first opinion because of its inner construction: on the ground floor there were stoves, and on the upper floor there was a chamber where pigs and geese might be placed. However not so long ago one of historians assumed that it might have been a park pavilion. Similar buildings in the country are very few. And time spares none of the buildings, they are going to ruin more and more.

The territory of the whole estate is decorated with trees and a beautiful big apple orchard, but the place is overgrown with nettles, which are better to avoid. Around the perimeter of the estate you can stumble on the boulders, which in due time were fencing.  

Though this place is not as bright and notable as other popular places of Belarus but this is its charm. The quieter the area, the more secrets and unique beauties it has in itself. It is very easy to be inspired with the atmosphere that reigns on the territory of the estate; every dilapidated building touches the heart. True lovers of cultural and historical places must visit the village Sunai and see it by yourselves.

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