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Sula village in Minsk region

Sula village is situated on the territory of Minsk region and it is a part of Stolbets district. It’s 60 km from Minsk. The village is small but very popular among tourists as there is a famous farmstead.

Its history

The village changed its owners throughout its history. Among them there were such famous persons as Batoriy and Vishnevetsky. Later on it belonged to Radzivyls and the last owners were Lenskys who are remembered by locals nowadays. And it is all due to their famous farmstead. It was built in the end of the 18th century by Pavel Lensky.

The places of interest

The village is famous for the wonderful Lenky’s farmstead all over Minsk region. At the border of the 18th-19thcenturies the main style was classicism that was reflected in the construction.

The farmstead consists of many buildings. It’s a house, a shrine, a mill and a smokehouse. There is also a very beautiful greenhouse and vegetable garden. Tourists admire a picturesque park where you can find a big artificial lake. The park is rather large its square is about 5 hectares.

The house has a lot of living rooms, 2 halls. The smaller one has a very interesting painted ceiling. The painting was made by Zenon Lensky who was a great-grandson of the farmstead founder except that he was a talented artist of that time. There is a fountain in front of the house and a rose garden at a side.

The last owner of the farmstead was Eljbetta, the sister of Zenon Lensky. Unfortunately not all buildings are safe now. One of the biggest losses was the house and the chapel. The lovely park is saved partially. The mill was burnt in the end of the 20th century because of lightening.

In 2006 he reconstruction began and lasted 6 years. The result of this work was opening of a cultural historical complex for tourists.

Now Lensky farmstead gives the opportunity to move to the 18th century for a while. There is a calm spirit and the feeling of piece. Restorers tried to make the place the same as it was originally, not to lose small details of the buildings.

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