Stankovo village in Minsk region

There is a small village called Stankovo in Dzerjynsk district of Minsk region. The population is about 1.5 thousand people. This is the birthplace of a famous Belarusian partisan Kazey.

Officially Stankovo is a village but locals prefer to call a town for some reasons. Earlier there was an aerodrome and now there are some military units and a camp.

Its history

First the village was mentioned in the 15th century. It belonged to Dorogostaycky family and later it passed to Radzyvils’ property. The village was a part of Grand Lithuanian Dutch, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire too. Chapsky contributed a lot to the development of the village that belonged to him since 1700. I n the end of the 19th century he opened a museum here that consisted of 8 departments. He built a garden palace complex with a lot of household and living buildings.

Sightseeing of Stankovo

The village is rich with places of interest that are available for everyone. One of them is Chapskys’ farmstead. Unfortunately the house and the chapel cannot be seen nowadays but you can watch other buildings. There are gates in conditions of ruins. The living house, the alcove. The barn, the stables, the wing, the smithy, the water tower are saved better. There is a stone fence along the perimeter of the farmstead. A true beauty was the local park with various plats. There is also the library “Scarbets” in the farmstead.

One of orthodox heritage of the place is the church of St Nicolas. It was built in 1858 but in the beginning if the 21st century it was reconstructed.

A remarkable place of the village is the house of Marat Kazey. There is a plate with his name proving that he was its owner. There is also a monument in his honor in the square.

There is a military historical complex near the village. It has a lot of military equipment and tanks. The complex is called “Minsk power district”.

The village is not only full of historical places but it has picturesque and beautiful views. Your soul can rest here and see something new.

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