In the past the Smolnya farm was located near the distillery, hence its name, which is associated with the word "pitch". It is noteworthy that this place was visited by Yakub Kolas - People's Poet of Belarus. 1911-1914, 1940, 1947-1956 years are marked by his visits to relatives - brothers, sisters, mother. The last time he came here shortly before his death. 

Pages of the past 

Konstantin Mikhailovich Mickiewicz - the real name of the poet is the son of the forester Mikhail Kazimirovich Mickiewicz. Because of the specifics of the father's work, the family had to change places of residence, use the "official", provided by the employer - Radziwill - housing. The modern historical and literary monument includes four settlements located near each other: Okinchitsy, Albut, Lastok and Smolnyu.

In Smolny lived Mickiewicz - the relatives of the poet. Very colorful figure - his uncle Antos. Taking care of the family of the deceased by the time of Mikhail Kazimirovich, the poet's uncle with soul and care, in a peasant way, fully carried this burden. The house in Smoln, bought cheaply, was divided into two parts. An unclaimed part of the family was provided to the poet during his visits. Here he worked, composed his works, in the light of day and night, without disturbing anyone, in a separate room.

"New Earth", "Symon-musicant", trilogy "Na Rosstanyah" - above them the poet worked here in Smolny, drawing images from his environment - faces, fates, Belarusian landscapes, pictures of peasant life. And here is Uncle Antos, who became the hero of the pages of the "Novaya Zemlya". 

Museum of the great poet

In Smolny, a branch of the Yakub Kolas State Literary and Memorial Museum was opened, it consists of two parts.

 The memorial part is located in the former residential building. Here there are genuine things of that time, some of it belonged to Kolas himself. The central museum in Minsk shared the exhibits. Some household items are made by the hands of Uncle Antos. Farm buildings have been restored. Ethnographic and biographical reliability is confirmed not only by scholars, but also by the relatives of the poet. The goal was to preserve the authentic spirit of the house, the spirit of the Mickiewicz family.

The literary part is located in a new two-story building. Here are photographs, letters, copies of valuable publications of the poet's works. The creative way is shown, the difficult life of the People's Poet is illustrated.

Rodney Kut (so Kolas used to call these places in his lyrics), his native place on the Pryemansky lands holds sacredly the memory of his great son. 

An important touch to the overall picture 

In 1912 the first meeting of two Belarusian singers, the largest poets Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas took place in Smolny. Kupala on foot came to a meeting with a fellow poet. Their conversation historians and writers consider the most important for the entire Belarusian culture, for the creativity of each of them.

Lindens make noise, planted by poets in honor of such a meeting. Adults, tall trees. They denote the greatness of the poetry that grew on this earth, the greatness of the spirit of the Belarusian people, great national poets.

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