A small but very original village of Minsk region is situated 15 km from a district center. The village of Shipyany is a part of Smolevichi district.  Indigenous locals are still living in the houses of this modest village.

On the territory of the village Shipyany there is a diversified agriculture called RUE "Shipyany-ask," which specialized on the production of milk and meat, and potatoes. Visitors, who are interested in cultural and historical facts and attractions of Belarus, come here not very often but in the village there are its own sights.

The sights of Shipyany 

The village is famous for the estate of the Vankovichi family built in the late 19th century. Among the buildings of the estate you can see a steward's house, stable, dwelling house, gate, numerous boulders of various sizes, and a building looks like a dairy.

On the territory of the estate there is situated a very beautiful park with picturesque views, it was founded at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the park itself there is located the steward’s house and stable.

In 1900 the dwelling house of the estate was built, it is at a distance from the park and has a rather solid size. There is nothing inside; it was an unnecessary house so that the house has been empty for a long time. This deserted dwelling house has been preserved better than all the other buildings.

A rather big area of the estate park is very impressive. Though nobody looks after this area, but it is not exactly in a poor condition. Strong trees, a lot of vegetation, fresh and nice air, unique views are a perfect place to relax.

Having visited such quiet and secluded corners of the country, having seen a degree of the destruction of once firmly standing buildings, people begin to realize the transience of time. 

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