The village of Ptich, Minsk region

A cozy village in Minsk region named Ptich is located in in Pukhovichsky district, 40 km from the capital of the country. In this area there are at least 1 thousand people. From several sides the village is surrounded by dense beautiful forest and is located near the river Ptich. The town is separated from two sides by the railway on the Northern and Southern parts. Development of the village is mainly associated with the type of farmstead buildings, but in the 90 years of the 20th century there appeared a house of bricks for 144 apartments. People from the territory contaminated after the Chernobyl accident moved here.

The history of the village Ptich

The first mention in historical sources about the village of Ptich was in the early 16th century as a village in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the late 19th century a train station began its work where it was loaded in large volumes with forest cargo and cargo with grains. At the station there was opened a saw-mill. In the period of the Patriotic war the railway bridge was blown up. The bridge was going over the local river that stopped the movement for as much as 18 days. In 1942 there were 68 people killed in the village of Ptich, they are buried in a mass grave.

One of the most famous natives of the village of Ptich was Belarusian writer Degtyar. And another famous native of the area was Shulman – a doctor of technical Sciences.

Sights of the village of Ptich

Ptich is a very compact and small village, but passing by it is worth to stop and visit some very interesting buildings that are of interest to many.

One of the main attractions of this area is the museum of ancient crafts called "Dudutki", it was opened in 1990. The museum "Dudutki" is one of the most visited in the entire territory of Belarus. The museum itself is not only the main building but the whole complex of buildings. This complex includes a craft yard with a smithy, garage, which features vintage cars, stables and a small zoo. Near the museum there is the old building of the mill, which was built in 1905. This is the only mill operating in the country today is a worthy fact in order to visit this museum. In this complex you can also find "official" moonshine, it is allowed to produce a very strong drink. On the territory of the museum there are a lot of interesting and informative things.

In the village of Ptich there is a pretty fresh building – Church of St. John the Baptist. Date of construction of this temple is 2007. The building is almost new and it hurts the eyes, the impression that the construction was only finished yesterday, and today the temple is open for visitors.

Stay in the outskirts of the village of Ptich will not only be pleasing to the soul, but also beneficial to expand the horizons and common cultural-historical development of each person.

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