The village of Ozertso, Minsk region, Minsk district

This is a town which is large by the standards of a village with a population of 1320 people (as of 2010). Located near the capital of the Republic of Belarus (only 4 km from Minsk ring road) the village with such an affectionate name gave shelter to the ethnographic museum under the open sky: the Belarusian state Museum of folk architecture and life. It is well-known and popular under the name of Strochitsa.

From the idea to its implementation

The idea of the preservation of old Belarusian traditions and demonstrations of its facilities in one place in conditions close to natural, existed since the early 20th century. Its implementation began in 1976. To date, the museum has 40 exhibits, some of them are still restored. But they are also ready to inspect objects representing a very significant exposure.

The working part includes the exhibits of three regions: Central Belarus, Poozerye and Dnieper. The objects that moved here are carefully fitted and blended into the landscape.

Here is a short list of the most iconic buildings presented in the Museum. The list is incomplete, but impressive:

  • the wooden churches from the villages of Lognovichi, Velec, Baran;
  • the windmills of villages of Domotkanovichi, Zieleniec, Janushovka;
  • the tavern of the village of Hvoevo;
  • the chapel from the village of Korolevtsy.

There are those objects whose names can enrich the dictionary of the modern urban dweller. For example, "punya", "threshing floor". Not all grandmas in the modern village know the meaning of these words. Not to mention the young people, accustomed to the city, smelling of synthetic life.

The time of construction of most objects is from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. The scientists argue about the age of some structures. But for visitors it is not so much important to know the scientific markers as the sense of belonging to those times and periods when these structures were built.

This is a valuable collection with such distinctive and at the same time authentic, genuine objects in one geographical point. Even though one can shoot a movie with the characters in national costumes. And it is rented for movies, clips typical modern musical groups - Russian and Belarusian.

In addition there are permanent exhibitions of ethnographic character, staged performances, timed to holidays, events, folk festivals.

The Museum staff practice conducting outreach in cultural and educational terms, but, of course, especially good to comprehend the atmosphere of the museum, to savor the ideas of the authors and features of the embodiment here in the village of Ozertsi.

A modern approach to popularize folk culture

The combination of the unique idea to gather the monuments of Belarusian folk architecture in one available for visitors to place, a great organization of tourist business, cooperation with government agencies responsible for the study of history and culture, enthusiasm and professionalism of the responsible museum staff and district authorities - such an alloy could not bring result. And the result is amazing. Every person who comes here takes away a lot of memories, a piece of Belarus in the soul and a desire to return here again and again. Welcome!

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