The village of Onoshki is located in the Nesvizh district of the Minsk region. To Nesvizh from Onoshki lies a distance of 14 km. The same distance to the nearest railway station Khvoevo. The village of Onoshki belongs to the Kozlovsky village council.

Historical background

The name of the village of Onoshki is inextricably linked with the estate of the genus Obuhovichi, which has the name of Narutsevichi and is mentioned in Inventory from 1745.


Currently, in Onoshki registered more than two thousand residents. After gaining the status of the agro-town, the number and well-being of the inhabitants of the settlement increased significantly.


At the beginning of the XIX century, the owner of the estate was Karol Czapski from Stankov. It passed to him from Obukhovichi as a dowry to his wife Fabiana.

Formation of the estate was in the first half of the XIX century and was influenced by the fashionable at that time style of Romanticism. Chapsky owned the estate for three generations.

The manor house was one- storied, built in the style of medieval architecture. The outstretched rectangular building had a hip roof. On the eastern side of the house was built an octagonal tower in two tiers. About the castle and fortress architecture in the design of the tower say the cremaliers in the completion of the building. On the second tier of the tower, windows were not provided, for a panoramic view, four balconies were displayed on it.

The main facade of the building was crowned with two main entrances. They were separated by resalits with towers in the form of pylons. A large driveway with a lawn stretched in front of the manor house. The officina, the lyamus, the residential wing and the manor house were the structures of the manor house. The two-storeyed building of the lyamus was built of boulders, in the vaulted cellars of which there was a cheese factory. The entrance to the manor yard was decorated with brambles, near which stood sculptures of St. Agatha, located on a column 3.5 meters high.

On the eastern side of the courtyard was an unusual stable, which had two parts - a rectangular and horseshoe shaped, between which there was a well.

The long entrance lane was decorated with chestnuts. Its location took place in such a way that at the entrance immediately opened a picturesque view of the courtyard, park and ponds.

It is impossible not to mention the complex water system that crossed the manor in its central part. Ponds and dams architects installed on the river Narutovka.

Particularly noteworthy is the large park of the Czapski manor, occupying about 8 hectares. It is represented by wooden flower beds alternating with a lawn canvas. Up to now, more than a dozen flower beds have been preserved, made up of maples, lindens, hornbeams, ash trees, birches and oaks. Precisely calculated architecture of the wooden islands prevents the crossing of the crowns and allows us to survey the entire composition of the flower bed from afar. In the central part of the park surrounding the manor house, there were many flowering bushes, especially lilacs and roses.

Park of the manor of Narutsevichi has no analogues in Belarus, however the name of the master, whose work he is, remains unknown.

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