The Village of Naroch in Minsk region 

Quite a famous village in the Minsk region under the name of Naroch is located in 20 km from Miadel and in 3 km from the village type resort Naroch. In this village live nearly 3 thousand people. All local residents are proud of their village – there are very beautiful places and incredible nature. Nearby flows a small river Narochanka and the land which belong to the state forestry fund. Infrastructure of the village developed on an average level: there is a library, post office, school, kindergarten, several shops and a hospital. This list is quite enough for a full life in these places. 

The history of the village of Naroch

It became known about the village Naroch since the 15th century. At this time, was built a wooden Church, which in the 18th century had to rebuild. During the war on the territory of the village was defeated the enemy garrison detachment named after Suvorov. After the war, settlement was actively developed.

Until 1964, the village Naroch is called Kobylniki, then it was renamed in the modern version, which is known to us today. In 1965, the village became the center of the farm "Naroch".

Sights of the village of Naroch 

In addition to the unforgettable landscapes, the village is famous for its cultural and historical attractions for which tourists come here from all over the country and beyond.

One of the main assets of the village is Catholic Church of saint apostle Andrew. It was built in 1901 in neo-Gothic style and lit in 1904. Insanely beautiful building, visually reminiscent of an old castle, was built using red brick. Near the temple there is the belfry.

Another interesting property of the village of Naroch is Church of saint Ilya. The church was erected in 1850 in the Russian style of rubble stone, and of it was also built and enclosure around the temple. A feature of the interior of the church is the presence of the iconostasis from wood, which consists of two tiers. It is a monument of folk art. Though the temple is modest, but when you visit this place the soul is filled with light, warmth and peace.

There is one honorable monument, which was erected in 1969, in honor of the 20 dead countrymen during world war II. And in the village there is a big grave for 80 victims of fascism.

By itself, the village is very beautiful. All administrative tasks are in a good condition, neat flower beds and trees are planted near all of them. There is another small square, but also very well maintained, equipped with benches and flowerbeds. Also the village has a culture house where you can always go the guests of the area.

Naroch is very welcoming and friendly village with its own characteristics and unique history.


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