Krasnaya Zvezda

Dawns of Krasnaya Zvezda

Initially, this village was called Radzivillimonty. It belonged to a well-known, not only in Belarus but also in Europe, noble family of Radziwills. A beautiful palace-park complex of the Classical period was built in the village due to the Radziwill family. It was designed by Italian architect Carlo Spampani.

Unfortunately, the estate has not been preserved till now. The building was burnt twice; and now you can see only its ruins. A garden and a small park with ponds remind us of the grandeur of bygone days in the village of Krasnaya Zvezda.

Krasnaya Zvezda is a village and former Soviet center. The village is located 6 kilometers fr om the district center which is Kletsk. Krasnaya Zvezda is situated 16 kilometers fr om Gantsevichi. The village is located on the border of Minsk and Brest regions. The river Tsepra flows through the village. About 500 inhabitants live in the village. There are good living conditions in the village: a shop, an athletic field, a stadium, a medical facility. If you want to stay overnight, you can do it in the nearest agrotown of Yanovichi.

Space and Memory

The beauty of woods, fields, meadows will surprise every single person. Fresh air, clean water, ruins with its own secrets, numerous paths wh ere representatives of the Radziwill family once wandered will charm tourists. Moreover, in addition to the ruins, some outbuildings, a barn, a stable and fragments of the park are preserved.

History may be unpredictable, but people are not able to change anything. Good or bad – it is impossible to judge the past. We can only live and try to save what we have now.

The village of Krasnaya Zvezda is a place wh ere you can observe beautiful red dawns, see a foggy river, listen how birds sing in the bushes. The suns rises again in order to illuminate what is left from the past and give people hope for the future. You can observe such dawns in many Belarusian villages. The main difference of the village of Krasnaya Zvezda from other Belarussian villages is that the past remains in the memory of people, it is kept in the hearts of several generations, both in our country and abroad.  

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