The village of Komarovo

Komarovo is a small village located in Myadel district, Minsk region, not far from the point of contact of the three areas - Minsk, Vitebsk and Grodno. The border with Lithuania is just fifteen kilometers away. The Lake Svir and the eponymous village are just five kilometers away. This area is the territory of the Neman basin, but the river itself is not leaking. Good transport connections is facilitated by the presence of two highways P45 and P95, intersecting at Komarovo.

Village called Komarovo is not only in Belarus but also in neighboring countries. Its speaking name was just from the name of the blood-sucking insects, which in large numbers infested the land. That’s where the tradition to call these territories "Komarovo place" or Komarovo comes.

History and owners of Komarovo

Komarovo was mentioned in chronicles, from the XVIIIth century, when it belonged to the famous Haminsky family. Representatives of the dynasty led an active construction on subordinated lands: they built a barn of rubble and ledovnya, which kept the ice. By the way, both of these structures are not only well-preserved to this day, but also widely used now: the first has been converted into a bakery, and the second - under the shop. Then the estate was built in the Art Nouveau style with a family coat of arms (foxes and double crossed arrow) on the front, but subsequent estate owners are called by its name – the Sulistrovsky family and the Starzhinsky family.

In the early twentieth century, the territories of Komarovo with the estate went to Count Starzhinsky. Manor complex gradually expanded and soon numbered about thirty outbuildings, in total twenty hectares. The complex consisted of one-storey buildings of the estate itself, a park, a garden, a greenhouse, a few outbuildings and utility buildings, impressive entrance gates and a system of reservoirs. The complex has reached only in fragments before our time. Tourists, coming in Komarovo, can enjoy the house of pan, two wings, two threshing-floor gates and a beautiful park with its own system of scenic lakes. An agricultural high school is on the estate. there is an interesting Business Development Center, called as well as the village, near it. It is engaged in the development of rural tourism in the region, as well as the promotion and revival of interest in the cultural and architectural heritage of the Naroch region. Many tourist destinations include visiting of Komarovo, because the well-preserved manor complex is worth it to visit it. A wonderful monument of architecture will not leave you indifferent.

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