Rose Garden in Kalinino

Belarusian land is rich not only in rivers and lakes, splendid nature, but also it has the unique heritage. There are not only buildings that we can visit but also we remember the names of those who created all this beauty and devoted their life to art.

The village is located in Dzerzhinsk district of Minsk region, near the River Ptich and Kaykovo Biological Reserve. A tired tourist can get into the world of peace and quietness. The village of Kalinino is a part of many tour routes but it is a small world with a special atmosphere and ambiance.

One of the Most…

When building the estate the owner Wilhelm Elsky could not suppose that in the future many tourists would come to see his estate. The Ignatichi estate was one of the most interesting places in Minsk lands. The estate itself, the park, the silo, and the outbuildings are preserved today. Elsky himself and his descendants were sculptors. Therefore the building is decorated with several sculptural elements.

About 400 species of roses were planted in the park of Kalinino village. Some trees that remember old times still grow.

Life in Kalinino

Kalinino is located 30 kilometers fr om Minsk, so local residents can travel to the capital of Belarus without any trouble, especially car owners. Tourists can get to the village by bus. It is possible to stay overnight or have a bite on the way to the village of Kalinino. So, do not worry, you won’t be hungry while travelling. Also there is a kindergarten in the village.

There is a large enterprise, wh ere many local residents work; others commute to nearest towns or villages. Some work in the capital.

The river Ptich flows near the village, so many people come there because it is a perfect place for fishing. What could be better than to sit for a while in silence and on the same day to return home? Fishermen are not indifferent to nature of the village Kalinino too. Then, they can go for a walk with their families in a magnificent park.

All estates are concentrated mainly in small villages. Modern life does not destroy what history left. On the contrary, modern life coexists with the past. The village of Kalinino and many other Belarusian villages are good examples. After all, knowing our history, we can talk about the future with certainty.

A rose garden which Elsky left behind is another good example. Even Belarusian capital is decorated with some species of these beautiful flowers. This is a moment when the past leads to a better future. And, who knows, how the village of Kalinino will look after some time. One thing is clear: many tourists will come in order to see this lovely village because of the past.

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