The village of Golynka is located on the river Nacha, 150 kilometers fr om Minsk. People say that “golynka” is an infertile land, but now this land can argue with the saying as it is an agrotown (rural settlement) with about 400 inhabitants.

Officially, its name derives from a swampy area. In 1552, it was noticed near the village of Mashukovichi.

Surrounded by woods, the village is not isolated from the world. Golynka is situated on the border with Brest region; it connects smaller villages.

Golynka has a kindergarten, a high school, forestry, a post office, a cultural club and a library. There are several shops and a bank there.

The sights of Golynka

There are places that you should definitely see in Golynka. Preserved monuments have their own history and they are important for Belarus.

So, you can see a preserved church of St Peter and Paul (1788). A wooden church was built in 1863. A wooden bell tower was built near the church in the woods. Today Orthodox people go to the church in order to enjoy the quietness. Saint Peter and Paul’s Church is considered historically and culturally valuable in Belarus.

Undoubtedly, the Vandorf estate (18-19 cc.) is significant in the history of the village of Golynka. It is partially preserved. You can see only fragments of the park, the lawn, the barn, the pigeonry and the bell tower. Moreover, ruins of the chapel are preserved in the village.

In 1905 and 1914, the residents of the village, like in other settlements, were waiting for the return of their loved ones from war. In Golynka, people still remember this place wh ere the whole village gathered.

Healthy Mind

People can rest after work in the village and they do not have to go somewhere else. There is a banya (Russian sauna) in Golynka. One can use the service of laundry.

The forestry in the village covers the area of 8100 hectares, while the area of 6670 hectares is woodland. It means that both visitors and residents of the village can easily enjoy this fresh air.

How to get to Golynka

It is easy to get to the district center. You can get to the village by car or by train. Golynka is located 20 km from Kletsk. Kletsk-Lininets road is close to the village.  There is a railway station in Kletsk and Gantsevichi.

If you plan to visit the village of Golynka, you should only decide how you want to get there. 

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