The village of Dudichi is another settlement of Belarus which is associated with the Elsky family. It is located in Pukhovichi district of Minsk region. There are about 300 inhabitants living there.

The wealth of Dudichi

The first mention of the village dates back to 1600. It belonged to the Odakhovsky family, then to J. Byhovets. When J. Prozor owned these lands, the church, the palace, and the park were built as well as a school was opened. Over time, the estate belonged to Stanislav Elsky. He invited craftsmen from all over the world. Local people were taught to different kinds of the craft. So, by 1800 there was a small tannery, an orangery, a fruit and botanic gardens added to the estate. Local people drank kvass (a fermented beverage commonly made from black or regular rye bread) at three taverns. During the Great Patriotic War, the village of Dudichi was burned by the Nazi aggressors.

Modern Dudichi

The St Anna Church is preserved till now in the village, as it has been restored. In addition, the village has a medical center, a post office, a high school, a library, a veterinary clinic, mechanical workshops and a shop.

A museum of material culture was opened in the former estate near the village of Dudichi. Tourists come to visit the museum with pleasure. There are other places to visit as well. Near St. Anna church, there is a memorial sign “To Alexander II from grateful peasants”. There were excavations made close to the village, and was discovered the Elsky family burial mound. Tourists can visit it as well. Unfortunately, the estate itself with many buildings has not been preserved till now.

You can have a rest in a gazebo that is located near a small creek.

Another museum of material culture is situated near the village of Dudichi. This museum is called “Dudutki”.  You can find out the way how peasants lived at old times and enjoy dishes of the national cuisine.

The village of Dudichi is undoubtedly a bright and lovely place of Minsk region; many tourists come to visit it.

A railway station of Rudensk is located 13 kilometers from the village, which connects Dudichi with other towns and villages. You can also get there by bus. In general, the infrastructure is quite well developed, and it indicates that the village lives a full life.

Take a selfie

The river Ptich flows through the village. It is another important factor. No doubt, water not only makes us calm but also makes us stop and think about the meaning of life. You can also swim, take a selfie or catch a goldfish. Well, or you can throw a coin in order to come back to Dudichi.

Do not hesitate, you should definitely come and see and take photos of this lovely village of Dudichi. 

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