Ivye is a small town in Grodno region, located 158 km fr om the region center and 136 km from Minsk. About 7,5 thousand inhabitants live in this town. There are many interesting historical and cultural monuments. There are two rivers – Ivyanka and Gavye. The town’s name is derived from the river Ivyanka. The town is situated between dense forests of Naliboki reserve. Such a convenient location of the town was a good place for trade, thus Ivye was developing successfully

The history of the town Ivye

According to written sources, this place became known in the XVII century. At that time, in Ivye there was the first printing house in Belarus. Many books were printed, mainly Orthodox, but also “Grammar” by Smotritsky was published. From ancient times, Belarusian Tatars lived there. Later on, the construction of a mosque was begun in 1884 at the expense of Countess Zamoyskaya. During the Soviet period, this was the only mosque functioning on the territory of Belarus. If we translate the word Ivye from the Tatar language, it means “ nest, dwelling.”

The town Ivye is considered a Tatar “capital of Belarus”. Annually, a Muslim holiday is celebrated in this town, wh ere all the Belarusian Tatars gather. Only in 2000, Ivye was granted the status of a town.

Sights of Ivye

Sights of this unusual town Ivye and fascinating nature will definitely surprise tourists. There are many architectural constructions and remarkable places. This place has a rich history. You will experience only positive emotions after visiting these lands. 

  • The Bernardine monastery is the most popular sight of the town. It includes several buildings.
  • The Church of St. Peter and Paul is one of them. Its construction dates back to 1495, then it was rebuilt several times. Nowadays, the church is completely restored. The church is a cultural and historical monument, which is over 500 years old; it certainly deserves the attention of tourists.
  • Near the church, there is a statue of Jesus Christ. It was built recently, in 2002. The statue was erected in a right place – one of the highest points of the town. This statue reminds the world famous statue in Rio de Janeiro, its small version.
  • Buildings of the late XIX century are well preserved in the town, for example, a synagogue and watermill. Nowadays, they serve as residential and administrative buildings.
  • At the end of the XX century a small Orthodox church was built. In 2012, a unique monument was erected “In honor of the friendship and unity of confession of the Ivye district”.

Due to its rich history and uniqueness, tourists remember this town for a long time. 

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