The small town of Voronovo, located in Grodno district, is the administrative center of Voronovskij region. A great majority of its citizens is of Polish origin – 80% of the total number and Belarusians make up 20%. Overall population is about 6.5 thousand people. This town is situated to the north-west of Grodno region, near the rivers Ditva and Zhizhma; a part of this town borders on Lithuania. Voronovo is 133 km far fr om Grodno, the center of the district. Forests cover 28% of all the territory of town`s neighborhood. This place is famous for beautiful sights, good destinations and incredibly clean air.


As far as the history says, there is little data stored about this town. It was first mentioned as the property of Gashtold family in the 16th century. However, at that time it was called Bolotna. After being a part of Poland and The Russian Empire, Voronovo became an integrated part of the BSSR.

In the 18th century, the village was renamed into Verenovo after Verena Firlej who was a wife of the local military governor’s son. A little bit later, it changed into Voronovo. The place of Voronovo became known as a town only in 1921. Fr om 1941 until 1944, German invaders occupied this town.

One of the most famous and truly beloved Belarussian poets Adam Mitskevich traces his roots back to this area. Moreover, there is a beautiful legend describing love of this poet and a marvelous girl named Marilia who was married (but didn`t prevent tender feelings to burst between them). To honor their feelings, lovers curved a cross on a stone, resting in a small wood not far fr om the park, and they took an oath to have each other in memory whatever happen. There is a belief: if one touches this stone with both hands and makes his or her dearest wish, it would surely come true. It is first love, that inspired Adam Mitskevich to write a lot of his pieces of work.


Tourists who visit this small town will surely find how to entertain themselves and what to give a look to. There are a lot of attractions which own historical and archeological value:

  • an ancient roman church of the God`s Grace;
  • the church of St. Alexander Nevskij;
  • a synagogue, started at the beginning of the 20th century;
  • the mansion of the Scipions, built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Incredible beauties of local nature add to the list of town`s heritage. It leaves no one cold. All visitors are surprised at both how quiet and calm this town is, and what an extensive infrastructure it has.

Local people can boast a 6-meter house fig-plant with overall diameter of 20 cm, which you can find in the boiler-room №1.

Everybody should visit Voronovo, the place wh ere one can enjoy calm and peaceful rest, the place wh ere lots of historical events happened, the place wh ere architectonic heritage of the country has been preserved.



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