A small urban-type settlement with an interesting name of Porozovo is situated in the Svisloch district of the Grodno region. There is a wonderful legend about the origin of its name. In ancient times, a princess went across these lands. While crossing the river, her carriage stuck in the mud. People pulled the carriage with the help of ropes. The princess wondered what the device was. She was told: «Povrozy». Then she ordered to build a settlement at this place and called it Povrozy. Over time, the name altered and became Porozovo.


The settlement Porozovo was first mentioned in the 15th century. It was the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1523, the settlement was granted the Magdeburg right. In 1616, a coat of arms appeared.

In 1795, it was the part of the Russian Empire and became the state estate belonging to the Grodno province (guberniya). The construction of Christian churches was begun. In 1825-1828, a Catholic church named after Michael the Archangel was built. The Holy Trinity Orthodox church was built in 1872.

The construction of a well-preserved wooden monument of the 19th century, the Porozovo estate, made the settlement famous. This estate is called «Bogudenki».The appearance of the monument is linked with the Butovt-Andreykovich dynasty who owned these lands. The name of the estate derives from the Polish phrase «Bogu dzieki!», it means «Thank God!». According to one version, when the first people on earth were expelled from the Garden of Eden, they stopped to rest near the settlement and exclaimed: «Bogu denki, I see Porozovo!". According to another version, one man said the phrase "Bogu denki", when he stole the estate and thanked God for it.

The settlement was gradually growing in the late XIX century. More than six hundred inhabitants lived there. Then Porozovo became famous as a center of the manufacture of ceramic products. About two hundred master potters lived and worked in Porozovo.

In 1921, Porozovo became part of interwar Poland (the Second Polish Republic). In 1937, it was planned to organize a hospital and living quarters for doctors in this building. By the end of 1939, the hospital was opened and it was functioning until 2002.

Every tourist enjoys a well-preserved park
surrounding the estate and the beautiful nature of Porozovo

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