If you drive off 40 km fr om Minsk, you can find still unspoilt corner of Belarusian nature with venerable forests and crystal clear rivers and lakes. It is the state forestry institution «Krasnoselskoe». It is located on the territory of Minsk, Vileyka and Logoysk districts. It consists of four forestries of Minsk forestry enterprise: Krasnoselskoe, Yanushkovichskoe, Khotenchitskoe and Rogovskoe. The SFI «Krasnoselskoe» also includes the republican landscape reserve «Kupalovsky». If the reserve covers the area of nearly 1141 hectares, the «Krasnoselskoe» is situated on 34 776 hectares. The SFI «Krasnoselskoe» was specifically created to preserve the unique nature in these picturesque areas of Minsk region, as well as for the development of hunting economy, for the optimal regulation of forest resources and wildlife.

Relax in these woods is just enjoyment and the choice for relaxation is various.

There are a lot of rivers with clear water for fishing enthusiasts. One can't count all of them at once: the Iliya, the Udra, the Gujka, the Slizhanka, the Lukovaya, the Vyprata, the Konotopka, the Myshkovka, the Bobrovka, the Chernyavka… And also there are natural lakes, quarry ponds and reservoirs. It is the reservoir Pralnya and the reservoirs of the quarry “Gajdukovka”, Lake Dikoe and the lake in the village Kalachi.

All the total area of the reservoirs of the SFI «Krasnoselskoe» is about 70 hectares. And fishing here is superb. In the reservoirs, there are carp, trout, pike, crucian carp, perch, grass carp, roach… Such quantity and variety of fish is achieved by annual stocking of the reservoirs. There placed comfortable campsites and tourist parking spaces on the lakes for fishermen, wh ere everyone will find a place to stay overnight.   

Hunters, who arrive to the SFI «Krasnoselskoe» for their trophies, are not forgotten as well. The SFI «Krasnoselskoe» may organize everything for successful hunting. It will put all necessary permissions and waybills at hunters’ disposal, prepare places for hunting, give a huntsman and hunting dogs, and organize transport and communication service. And there is a cozy hotel with a pool, sauna, kitchen and barbeque for the rest after hunting on the bank of the reservoir in the SFI «Krasnoselskoe». 

Hunting is always exciting here. After all, hunting fauna in the SFI «Krasnoselskoe» is very diverse and is represented by almost all animals living in Belarus: elks, deer, roes, wild boars, foxes, martens, hares, beavers, cocks of the wood, otters and other.

Moreover, in the SFI «Krasnselskoe», there are wonderful places for tourists who want to rest and spend time with use in nature’s lap. A great number of historical and cultural objects are situated on the territory of the landscape reserve «Kupalovsky» and first of all it is ancient settlements and burial grounds. As well you can visit war monuments located both in the urban settlement of Radoshkovichi and in neighboring villages and in the wood, on the remaining guerilla parks. It should be noted that the crew of Gastello Nikolay, the Hero of the Soviet Union, performed here the memorable feat and the obelisk was erected on the place of the pilots’ death.

Tourists can see churches and cathedrals, monuments of folk wooden architecture, manor houses. The doors of Yanka Kupala literary museum «Okopy» in the village of Khoruzhentsy, which contains various works of the writer, and the doors of the museum «Kupala’s memorial park» are always open for visitors. It is exciting for tourists to visit the famous defensive installation «Stalin Line».

The SFI «Krasnoselskoe» warmly welcomes guests and offers them an unforgettable holiday in the land of age-old Belarusian nature. 

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