The township of Korelichi Grodno region

A small township of Korelichi is located in Grodno region. Not far from the township there is the river Rutka which is a tributary of the Neman. The settlement is situated 185 kilometers far from Grodno and 125 kilometers from Minsk. The name of the village originates from the word “korelichi” who were the first settlers of this place. They were the homagers of Korela.  There is an opinion that Korela was a chief of the tribe originating from these lands. So the name stuck for the township.

The history of the village of Korelichi

Korelichi was first mentioned in the written sources in 1395. In the XV century this township was the estate of the Princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From the middle of the XVII century this area belonged to Radziwills. As soon as the village gained new owners the place began flourishing. In the middle of the XVIII century the gobelin manufactory began actively work in Korelichi. Thanks to this workshop the rooms of the castle in Nesvizh were beautifully decorated.  In the period between the First and the Second World Wars the village for some time was in the possession of Poland.

The attractions of the village of Korelichi

There is one distinctive feature of the township of Korelichi – the absence of the monument which is ordinary to the majority of Belarusian towns – the monument to Lenin. So the tourists who “collect” this monument will be disappointed, but not for a long time. There are some other sights in the township which are more interesting than the hackneyed monument to the leader.

The manor of Radziwill Family known for its extraordinary beauty has not been saved till the present days.  But there are multiple buildings of the complex, and small areas of the old park, which attract the visitors to these lands.

One of the most popular places in Korelichi is St. Peter and Paul church, which was erected in 1866. It is located a little above the level of the rest of the township, which allows noticing it right away.

As well one should pay attention to the Church of Our Lady, which was erected in the center of the township in 1938. This architectural monument was built in the new Russian style and consists of three parts.

One can find an ancient Tatar cemetery in Korelichi which is shrouded in many legends and unknown secrets of the past centuries.

Walking along the streets of the township one can stumble upon the amazing old houses, stone household yards and unusual landscape. All these create a special atmosphere with its unique history and culture. To learn more about the historical side of Korelichi one can visit the Museum "Earth and Man".  It presents various expositions to the public. In Korelichi district you can visit one of the oldest buildings in Belarus – Mir Castle. Many people heard about this amazing place but not everyone managed to visit it.



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