A small farmstead Dzerzhinovo in Minsk region is located in Volozhin district. The farmstead itself is 15 km fr om the village of Ivenets. This place is the homeland of the famous revolutionary and one of the founders of the security services in revolutionary Russia - Felix Dzerzhinsky. He was born here and spent his youth in the family of a Polish nobleman Edmund-Rufin Dzerzhinsky. His father was a teacher and his mother, Helena Dzerzhinskaya, the daughter of the famous professor Ignaty Yanushevsky, was engaged in the education and nurture of nine children.

The History of the Farmsted Dzerzhinovo

The whole farmstead, as well as the estate in particular, initially belonged to the Ozhemblovskys. In 1820, the estate's successor was Antonina Ozhemblovskaya, who married Józef Dzerzhinsky. Subsequently, their children and grandchildren owned it. Felix Dzerzhinsky was one of the famous people of this family.

Nowadays, there is a memorial complex called "Dzerzhinovo". It includes a museum, wh ere the preserved documents and materials on the life of Dzerzhinsky were collected. 2007 became very significant for the museum-estate: it was awarded the diploma of the Prize of the Federal Security Service for recreating an art exposition devoted to the life of Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Sights of Dzerzhinovo

The memorial complex "Dzerzhinovo", located near the village of Petrilovichi, is interesting to visitors who are trying to understand the history of the formation of the Soviet regime. Many tours of this region offer to visit this object as significant in the history of the development of the Soviets since it is the homeland of one of the participants in the formation - Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Unfortunately, only the foundation of several buildings preserved to present days. In 1943, the Nazi German invaders destroyed it during the war operations.

Only in 2001 it was decided to restore the estate at the 10th meeting of the Council of Heads of Special Services and Security Services of the CIS members.

Felix Dzerzhinsky lived 48 years, that quantity of boulders was represented in this complex until 2004. They are placed along the alleys throughout the territory. Today each of these boulders is an ornament and a memorable symbol of the estate. The restored building of the estate is a museum with all materials and documents containing information about the activities and life of "Iron" Felix.

As a rule, graduates of the Academy of the Interior Ministry take the oath and obtain a rank of new KGB officers in the Dzerzhinovo complex.

If you visit this extraordinary place, you will experience many positive emotions.

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