The Village Teolin (Grodno Region)

The whole Grodno region is considered unique. In the territory of the Grodno region, there are a huge number of Orthodox and Catholic monuments of architecture, which belong to different epochs. These buildings are preserved examples of the history of Belarus. Here you can find the most beautiful national parks and reserves. Therefore, even the smallest and, at first glance, forgotten village may become the best place for visit and recreation.

Many tourists from other regions of Belarus come to a village with an unusual name Teolin. And there’s nothing surprising since here you may find untouched by people nature and beautiful landscapes attracting artists and writers.

During its long history, the village has experienced many unpleasant things like Belarus and the Grodno region in general. A long time ago, many ethnic nationalities lived in the Grodno region; we cannot say the same about other Belarusian regions. The ancient Balts began to explore and settle these lands; they lived here until the beginning of the XIII century when the Slavs came who, in fact, live here today.

For a long time the village Teolin, like the whole Grodno region, constantly suffered from the endless attacks of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Therefore, more than two centuries, local people lived in constant fear for their lives and property. Later, the village was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and then it became part of the Rzech Pospolita.

In 1897, the village became part of the Volkovysk povet of the Grodno guberniya. At that time, only 50 people lived there. Almost 10 years later, the village began to grow. By 1905, it became known as an estate, but the number of inhabitants did not increase. In 1920, Teolin became part of Poland, and then the village began to develop and grow. However, when the Great Patriotic War started, the village changed a lot. Teolin was occupied by the Nazi invaders for 4 years. Only in July 1944, after the liberation, restoration works were begun in the village.

During the Soviet Union existence, like in many other Belarusian villages, kolkhozes began to appear. In the second half of the XX century, a kolkhoz was founded with a typical Soviet name "May 9" in the village Teolin. Only during that time, the number of yards doubled: in the 1960s, there were already a hundred yards. The village began to breathe again and became a favorite place of the Belarusians, who come here on weekends and during summer vacations.

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