The village called Naumovichi is located in the North-West of Grodno region, close to river Neman. There is a huge number of historically significant monuments on this amazingly beautiful area, which attract travelers from all corners of the earth with their long history.

What to see in the village?

There are some defensive constructions of the XIX — XX centuries on the territory of the village Naumovichi. These facilities are massive reinforced concrete constructions. They were laid along the border with East Prussia that used to exist there. These fortifications of the war period consist of bunkers (named dots) and forts, being included in the system of Grodno fortress. It should be noted that the total number of these structures amounted to 13 forts and 24 bunkers.

The great Grodno fortress had been forming over 40 years. Despite the fact that most of these forts were destroyed during the war, the bunkers have remained to this day. These engineering constructions are interesting not only as historical values of our country, but also as a monument of military art.

The forts were so – called underground three-leveled buildings, which were built of stones and concrete. The primary facade was intended to protect from attacks by enemy troops, and reached 150m at length. At the top floor rising above the ground the loopholes for gunmen and weapons were located. The loopholes were connected with each other by passages; business premises and housing were at the bottom. They placed explosives in the mines under the fort to destroy it for sure in case the fort is captured by the enemy. It is also worth noting that the thickness of the walls there reached 2 meters.

Dot (bunker) is a two-storey building. As expected, guns and machine guns were installed there.

One of the 10 great forts of Grodno fortress was Naumovichi Fort No. 2 placed in the neighborhood of the village. That fort is deservedly included into the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus.

The Fort is 200 meters to the West of the route Grodno – Sapotskin. On the way to the very center of the fortifications there are monuments devoted to the victims of fascism. The story tells that during the great Patriotic War more than 3000 prisoners of war, including civilians, were shot on this land.

Behind the Fort one can see a raised earthen mound, being a kind of the back parapet, so that the defenders could keep the perimeter defense.

On the shaft there is a high granite cross and a plaque to the soldiers who died on this land during the Great Patriotic War.

The village of Naumovichi will be interesting and entertaining not only for fans of eco - tourism, but also for amateurs of family trips and for seekers of historical monuments.

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