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The village with a curious name of Murovanka is located in Schuchin district of the Grodno region in the Republic of Belarus. It also should be mentioned that the village of Murovanka is situated not far from the banks of the river Neman. The river of the same name flows over the thousands of kilometers not only on the territory of Belarus but also in Lithuania.

The natural value of the waters is crucial, as they enable life-support of the whole region. Thanks to the marshlands the atmosphere here is saturated with oxygen much more efficiently than due to the forests. It should be mentioned that the peat ignites spontaneously very often on the territory of Murovanka. However without the waters of the Neman, which flow to the Baltic Sea, the vital activity in this area would be impossible. Looking back to the history one may note that many bloody battles took place on the banks of the Neman. 

The village of Murovanka is quite up to its name (in Russian “ant” sounds as “muravei”). From the first glance one may say that the village resembles an anthill. Such impression is created by the lively yards, country plots and the variety of outbuildings. Murovanka is situated not far from the railway. The nearest station "Skrybovtsy" is located 2 kilometers far from the village. Everything resembles the ancient village here: small houses, sheds with the thatched roofs, ponds covered with slime. And against a background of this ancient landscape it is little strange to see the majestic and magnificent building of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

The church is really distinctive. One can easily call it unique. Its appearance resembles an ancient castle of the past centuries.

Though no legendary events took place in the village of Murovanka, that doesn’t prevent visitors from admiring an extraordinary architectural monument. It is a unique example of the Orthodox Gothic with some Renaissance elements.

In general the village Murovanka is incredibly rich in natural resources. Iron ore, peat, chalk, brick and tile clay, silicate sands – all these are the natural wealth of the region.

The area is widely known for its forests.  Here one can find trees that are more than 100 years old. As many centuries ago the daily chores of the locals include agriculture and cattle-breeding. The land here is very fertile, that’s why many city dwellers acquire property in this village.

The village Murovanka attracts a great number of tourists from different corners of the earth. It is not only possible to take a closer look at the ancient temple but also to enjoy nature and to experience the full force of the unique Belarusian natural wealth.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit to Murovanka a tourist or a pilgrim will not be indifferent. It will be an inexpensive unforgettable vacation for the whole family.  

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