Some time ago, many Belarusian villages were famous cultural and trading centers, and in the XVII-XIX centuries, there were fairs and markets in many of them, where all the people gathered at the main square of a settlement. Nowadays many people forget about this tradition. Some villages don’t exist today. Fortunately, we are able to visit a small village in Grodno region – Kushlyany.

Tourists very often come from other Belarusian regions in order to visit Smorgon district. During the summer time, you can meet travelers from neighboring countries in Kushlyany. Here you can see the estate of the famous Belarusian poet Frantishek Bogushevich, who made an enormous contribution to the development of Belarusian literature.

Despite all the tragic events that this village went through for several centuries, local people decided to restore an ancient estate. In addition, several outbuildings were restored and rebuilt; an adjacent park was restored as well, which was founded a few centuries ago. The interior of the estate is also interesting. Everything is arranged in detail and decorated in accordance with old times.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the formation and development of the village. It is known that the village was small in the XVI-XVIII centuries. A small number of inhabitants lived in Kushlyany. The village was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for some period of time, and after the last division of Poland at the end of the XVIII century, those lands, like many others, belonged to the Russian Empire. The village started a new life. By the beginning of the XX century, there was one main and several minor streets in Kushlyany.

Unfortunately, many streets were utterly destroyed during World War II. The Nazi German invaders were ruthless, so the liberated territory had not many yards by the end of combats. Of course, the number of residents also decreased significantly. The appearance of the Soviet Union played an important role in the development of the village. In the second half of the XX century, when the whole country dealt with consequences and destructions, new wooden houses were built and a kolkhoz was founded in Kushlyany.

Nowadays, a beautiful park and several estate complexes are preserved in Kushlyany. Therefore, this beautiful place should be interesting for any tourist.


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