A unique tourist complex is located on the outskirts of one of the Belarusian villages. Many tourists like visiting this place. The place may be compared with the most popular foreign agro-estates. The house-museum of the Belarusian people life and culture of the XIX-XX centuries is located on a river bank. This place is completely untouched by globalization. Be sure, you won’t find typical buildings of a city here. There’s something to see!

If you do not know how to spend your weekend or vacation, you should pay your attention to the village of Korobchitsy. Although it is called a village but this place  is very different  from many other Belarusian remote places. It is a busy village, and in the same-name town, you can find not only tourists from other regions of Belarus but also from neighboring countries. Many of them come here several times.

Korobchitsy is known since the XVI century as a small village called Rostavlyany, which belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Then it was a small estate, which covered 64 hectares. At the end of the XVIII century, it became known as Korobchitsy. It is interesting to know: many Belarusian towns and villages belonged to the Russian Empire after divisions of the Rzech Pospolita. But Korobchitsy belonged to Eastern Prussia in 1795. However, later, the village was part of the Russian Empire, as well as many other neighboring lands.

In the middle of the XIX century, a well-known landowner and nobleman Sverzhbinsky bought the village. By 1847, there were about 16 yards and more than one hundred inhabitants lived in the village. By the beginning of XX century, the number of inhabitants doubled.

Unfortunately, people didn’t always live in peace. Since 1915, with the coming of the German troops in World War I, the village lived in the occupation regime, and in 1919, this part of Grodno region belonged to Poland. Later on, the Nazi German invaders arrived, who caused irreparable harm to the entire village. Houses of local people were damaged. However, people believed in a bright future and they continued doing their best for the state’s sake.

At the beginning of the second half of the XX century, like in many other villages, a kolkhoz was founded in Korobchitsy. Twenty years later, it became a local poultry farm, which still exists. This is a good example of how strong Belarusians can be, who continue working hard despite all the difficulties. And their efforts have not been in vain since modern Korobchitsy has about two hundred yards, and about one thousand people live in the village.

In addition to tourist complex mentioned above, which attracts many travelers from other countries, pilgrims from other regions of the country come here in order to visit the beautiful St. Sophia church.

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