Boruny is a village situated in the North-West of the Republic of Belarus. It is quite easy to get there from the capital and other cities, as this village is located near the highway Minsk-Vilnius. Tourists, who are traveling in these lands, can visit the village by transit, enjoying the local scenery and relaxing. An extraordinary temple situated here is a must-see. A visit to this amazing place is included in many tourist and excursion routes. However, it should be noted that individual tourists and travelers often come here as well.

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is considered to be the main attraction of this village. Historians say that this Church was founded in 1757. This sacred place became an extremely bright symbol of so-called "Vilna" Baroque architecture. This unique temple is located right in the center of the village. Initially the Shrine was built adjusting the Uniate Basilian monastery, which was also erected at that place in the XVIII century.

So, initially, the temple in the village of Boruny was built at the monastery. That monastery was founded in 1692, together with the construction of wooden Church by the local landowner Nicholas Pesliak. The church was built on the occasion of the canonization of Boruny icon depicting the mother of God. The icon had been kept by the Basilian hieromonk  Josaphat  until 1683. The first period of the monastery existence and functioning was that of Basilian until 1833, when it was converted into Orthodox temple.

It is worth saying that the monastery has remained owning its main building, dating from 1793, until present days. However, unfortunately, it has not been restored completely and it is not used today. The further restauration is not planned, either. Since the monastery is not functioning in the village the doors of the church are always open for prayers.

The Shrine of the village has quite considerable dimensions. The temple is a two tower building with a magnificent apse in the form of a semicircle. This is what gives it the appearance of extraordinary gentleness and charm. There is absolutely no symmetry in the architecture of the temple, which is so typical for religious buildings. This is the reason for the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Boruny to remain in tourists’ and visitors’ memory for a long time. Along with that, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God that has preserved in the Church is also worth speaking about. This icon of the XVII century is considered to be one of the most revered Catholic shrines in the Republic of Belarus.

Today the temple has been completely restored and, of course, it is named an architectural monument of the XVIII century and the historical value of Belarus. There is a sacred bell tower next to the temple and directly in front of it one can see a chapel of amazing beauty. These monuments, as well as the Church itself, were built in the middle of the XVIII century.

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