Historical reference

Zhlobin, like many other cities, has a long-standing history. To such an extent, the old one, that the date of the formation of this wonderful town can not be determined. According to archaeologists received information that even in the Bronze Age there were ancient settlements in this glorious city. By 1654 the first mention of Zhlobin refers, then it was called Zlobin. July 3, 1925, this glorious settlement according to the assigned status becomes a city. At that time, the population was almost ten thousand.

Zhlobin at the present stage is a fairly developed city with a population of about eighty thousand two hundred people (data of 2013). He has a good transport network. The town is located 83 km from Gomel, at the intersection of the key railways of St. Petersburg - Odessa and Gomel - Minsk - Vilnius, as well as key motor roads Gomel-Minsk and Mogilev-Svetlogorsk.

City attractions

Despite its small area, it contains a huge number of places, truly fascinating. His sights are famous for the memory of the great victory of our ancestors in a terrible and difficult war. They spiritualize the values, culture and spirit of our people, forcing us to think about those things that in most cases people do not remember in the everyday bustle of everyday life.

However, the magnificent places in this beautiful city are not only extraordinary architectural constructions, but also the splendor of nature, which this town is endowed with. The most important notices for the guests of this town are a museum, a cathedral, a chapel, a temple, churches. No person will be able to treat all this splendor with indifference by visiting these places. Everyone can taste the bliss of unforgettable uniqueness of the architecture of these structures.

Here you can see one of the "seven wonders of Zhlobin" memorial to the children of the victims of the Great Patriotic War. This monument, unique in its kind, located on the territory of the CIS. While in Zhlobin, you should definitely visit the palace and park ensemble of the late XIX century, the village of Krasny Bereg. The homestead is a rare example of combining the architecture of neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic.

In the village of Streshin you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the monument of classicism architecture, the Intercession Church of 1807. It is famous for its fantastic frescoes, the iconostasis, the carving of which is executed phenomenally and subtly, and also the floor is mosaic in it. Pirevichy temple of All Saints in 1902, located in the village of Pirevichi is one of the most great temples in our state. Its area is 500 square meters, and the walls are more than one meter thick. He stands out with remarkable acoustics and a huge altar.

Visiting the city of Zhlobin, you can see the beauty of another temple - the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It had a difficult fate, carrying both wars and fires. Today, it will please you with the brilliance of his domes and the bell ringing. Zhlobinsky Local History Museum, which has been operating in this wonderful town since 1992, can not be missed either. It is the scientific and cultural center of the town. The museum retains the most valuable historical relics: what is the "Slutsk Gospel" alone!

Here you can visit the aquapark, the opening of which took place in 2008. His visiting card was the longest screwdriver in our country (76 m). Also there are 2 children's slides, jacuzzi, underwater currents, geysers, "mountain river". There are Turkish and Russian baths, a solarium, a Finnish sauna. This city is the birthplace of our Belarusian cultural figures N. Kovyazin, D. Zhuravlev, artist V. Zholtak, architect L. Tomkov. Having visited this wonderful place, you can spend your time and unforgettably a lot of positive emotions.

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