Petrikov, one of the cities located in the Gomel region. The date of foundation is considered to be the tenth century, and according to legend, was named in honor of Yotvingian prince that received the name Peter at a christening. City status was obtained in 1938. It located on the Pripyat River, also had Wild lake.

The city was occupied by German troops in days of the Soviet authority in the Great Patriotic War, it lasted 2 years and 11 months. Underground district committee of the PBC acted in Petrikov, and two partisan brigades were created. Germans killed over 1,000 people and mainly the Jews were part of those people. The city was liberated on June 30, 1944. After the war, Petrikov pretty quickly recovered.

In wartime, the city's population was about 6,000 people,  at the same time the number of inhabitants is slightly more than 10,000 people.

There is a bakery, Shipyard, building materials plant.

Among the interesting sights, there are three most popular churches.

Holy Ascension Church was built in 1890 and was closed in 1930, but decided to use it as a warehouse for salt ten years later. During the Great Patriotic War, the church served as a storage place for radio and transmission of sensitive data on it for members of the underground organization. After the war, the temple was abandoned and began its restoration only in the 90s. In 2000, the 110-year anniversary was celebrated, which was held in honor of the vigil.

Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1839 on a high hill in the shape of a cross. Before her there was a wooden church, which burnt down during a thunderstorm. The church was closed in 1929. Its destiny was hard. The temple was looted, destroyed, and the bell, located in the bell tower, was removed and shipped to the smelter. It was very difficult to rebuild it after the war. Local authorities constantly intended to close the church, but it was managed to keep to the present day by faith and requests of the archpriest. Once inside the temple, you can see a cross with the relics of saints of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the icon of the Mother of God, made in the carved style, relics of Archbishop Theodosius of Chernigov. You can also find rare books in the library at the church.

Resurrection Church is no less popular place to visit. It was built in 1846 by masters from Kremenchug with collected funding from parishioners. In the 20 years after the removal of the bells from the dome, the temple converted into a place of entertainment, wherewas a cinema, a dance hall and an extension was made in which entertainment games were held. In 1957, the church was decided to blow up, and managed to do it only for the third time. After the explosion, the chapel preserved until our days, located near the district executive committee and a fragment of the iconostasis of the temple, which is kept in the St. Nicholas Church.

You can admire the lake in addition to the church, with an interesting name Wild. You can organize the amateur fishing and catch bream, pike, perch or other, you liked fish for a price.

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