The Urban Settlement Oktyabrsky

Karpilovka, Rudobelka, Rudnya became part of the settlement Oktyabrsky, which is located in the northwest of Gomel region.

This place is famous for its interesting history. During the Great Patriotic War, guerrillas with leaders Tikhon Pimenovich and Fedor Pavlovsky resisted the Nazi invaders. This group of guerrillas bravely defended the honor of the settlement and the whole country. Dense forests and impenetrable swamps located near the settlement Oktyabrsky helped residents hide during the war.

During the war, the Nazis conducted punitive expedition. More than thirty villages in this area suffered and six villages with its residents were utterly destroyed. As a result every third resident was killed. The memorial complex “Khatyn” includes these lands of burned villages.

About 8000 inhabitants live in the settlement Oktyabrsky.

Agriculture plays a major role in the development of the district. There are several industrial enterprises: bread-baking plant, construction companies, skimmed milk powder factory, and forestry.

Art Gallery

The art gallery named after L.N. Drobov is one of the main sights of the district, it was opened in November 1990. There are more than 480 exhibit items; you can see different paintings and small sculptures. In the museum you can buy handmade souvenirs. Also, if you're lucky, right in the gallery you can enjoy live music and your children will be able to take part in the contest of drawings on various subjects.


Animal lovers can visit the zoo. There live about 260 species, including animals and birds. You can see rare animals: ponies, bison, Cameroon goats, and deer. Predators such as foxes, bears and wolves live there. You can see birds such as geese, ducks, chickens and peacocks.

There are conditions for living close to natural, so visitors are able to observe the behavior of animals and birds. You can take participation in events dedicated to birthdays of animals or naming of the newly born.

If you have children, it is recommended to come to the zoo during Christmas holidays. There will be an interesting excursion with different contests and games. Also, you can see a theatrical performance with Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden).

The Oktyabrsky Center of History and Culture

The center of history and culture in Oktyabrsky is another popular place, opened in 1995. The museum has 3421 exhibit items, arranged in four exhibition halls. In order to get acquainted with this area, you can attend lectures, where you will learn in detail about the history and culture of the settlement; moreover, you will be able to take part in exciting competitions and meetings.


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