The small village of Yurovichi is located in the Gomel region of Kalinkovichi district. The settlement is located in 34 km from the Kalinkovichi railway station, one kilometer from the banks of the Pripyat River. In this cozy village, consisting of two streets, there are only 743 people. The buildings here are mostly wooden, of a manor character. The village is quite recognizable and is heard by everyone, thanks to historical books, where many facts and events important for the History of Belarus are described. Yurovichi has the status of an agro town.

Historical facts of the village of Yurovichi

Everyone knows from the school that there were ancient human settlements in this village, dating back to 26 thousand years BC. This can be read on the stone, which is located on the territory of the Yurovichi, as a historical fact. In the process of archaeological excavations in this area, the remains of the city of the Middle Ages were found. There are still no facts for what reason this city has disappeared, and why there is nothing about it in the annals. Written mention of Yurovichy is attributed to 1430-32 years. Two centuries later, Jesuits, owners of large land plots, actively began to work in local monasteries.

Throughout the whole period of its existence, the Yurovichi passed from one source to another, changing the names of the territories to which this settlement belonged. However, this did not prevent to save the village and its property to our days.

Attractions in the village of Yurovichi

This unique village attracts everyone who is interested in mythology, archeology and ancient culture. There are enough places that will be of interest to everyone, here is their short list:

• One of the most famous treasures of the Yurovichs is the Jesuit Monastery, in which, in the 18th century, there was an icon of the Mother of God, it was considered a miracle-working one. After that, it was Bernardine, and later it was given to the Orthodox. For this time in it was first female, then a man's monastery, reached such status to our days.

• On the territory of Yurovichi there is a church built in the beginning of the XVIII century. At this time it is being restored, like a church. Than it is noteworthy that from its towers in good weather the city of Mozyr is visible, and the distance to it is almost 20 km.

• Another property of this settlement is the Jesuit College. In one of the premises of this building since the early 90's. Years of the XX century there is an Orthodox church dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

• One of the two most historically ancient places of parking of primitive man on the territory of Belarus, subsidized 26 thousand years BC. In honor of this historical fact on the territory of the village there is a large stone with an inscription.

Yurovichi is a historically significant, albeit small, territory of Belarus, where people at least once strive to come to their homes and see everything with their own eyes, plunge into the past. Yurovichi attracts interest from everyone who loves to travel and discover new and interesting places with such a rich history, where there are so many memorable and outstanding places.

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