A cozy village Korenevka is located on the territory of the Gomel region in the Khoiniki district. This settlement from Gomel is removed by 123 km, and from the station of Khoyniki - 20 km in the north-west side. The village is surrounded almost on all sides by water channels entering the Pripyat River. This settlement consists of one street, on which buildings are located on one side in the form of wooden manor houses. On the territory of the village there is a hunting lodge of Paskevich, whose visit is included in many excursion programs of the Gomel region, as well as these places can be visited independently, without a large group of tourists. 

The village is very picturesque - there are lots of greenery and watery surroundings.

History of the village Korenevka 

Since the XIX century, this village in historical sources was known as a settlement in Rechitsa Uyezd. And already in 1879 was part of the settlements of the Alexic parish. The year of the entry of the inhabitants into the collective farm is considered to be 1931. During the Patriotic War in the middle of 1943 the village was completely burnt. During the war, 12 people died from this place. 

Attractions of the village Korenevka 

The main and, perhaps, the only attraction of the village Korenevka is the famous hunting lodge. This house belonged to Prince Ivan Paskevich, who was a field marshal and a bright representative of his kind. The house itself is a monument of architecture of the second half of the XIX century. Initially, this house of white and red brick was used as a distillery, but in the early 60s of the XIX century Paskevich converted it into an amazing manor house. The territory of this house is surrounded by an insanely beautiful terrain with rich vegetation, the so-called park, with a very beautiful artificial lake. The visitors of this place do not have any doubts that the rest here at the count was very pleasant and the best of a number of places where he had visited again. 

Paskevich's hunting lodge has survived to the present day, which allows tourists to visit it as a building as close as possible to its original appearance. Often, when restoring architectural monuments, many details are lost or altered, which loses its original appearance. With a hunting house this did not happen, which attracts more tourists to it. 

None of the visitors who will be able to visit the edges of the village Korenevka, will not remain indifferent to these wonderful and picturesque places, as well as to a small part of the history, which is kept in this modest village.

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