The amazing village of Halch is located on the territory of Gomel region, Vetka district, 16 kilometers from Gomel and 2 km from the branches. This town has a very good location on the spacious banks of the river Sozh, with fascinating views. The village's population is relatively small - only 1,285, but local residents have managed to preserve all the beauty of nature and keep it in its original form. Resting on the banks of the river Sozh in this area is a pleasure.

Village history Halch

The first mention in the annals of the village Halch was in 1437,that gives local people a reference point about the age of their "home". Halch was gifted to a descendant of the Haletsky family this year and has become their residence since that time. The name of the village "Halch" is translated as "Big river."

The church of the Jesuits Mrs. Mary was built of wood in 1768, they had a mission there until 1829. Beginning of the 19th century marked the beginning of the construction of famous all around the Haletsky family palace for those parts, later the family Voynich-Senozhatsky manor. So it was named in honor of its new owner, who conducted the chic balls in the estate. Part of the palace has been kept up to now, but needs restoration to preserve the historical value.

The first church was mentioned in the chronicles only in 1798. She was initially Uniate, but later converted to the Orthodox by the locals. Unfortunately, it was not meant to exist until our days - it had burnt down during World War II.

Attractions of the village of Halch

Good to know not only the history, but also to visit the historical places and see firsthand all what the historians write about. Here are a number of attractions of village Halch:

1. Halch mansion is the primary and most important attraction of the village, which was built at the beginning of the XIX century in the classical style. The manor has a very good location near the shore of the river Sozh on the edge of the steep descent to the water. This arrangement allows to see the estate from the other banks well. The value of this construction is that it’s a prime example of the architecture of the full flowering of the classical style.

2. The manor is surrounded by a park with spectacular views of the area of ​​15 hectares, which is sprawled along the banks of the river Sozh almost 2 km.

3. The Church of St. Archangel Michael can be called another attraction of Halch, which was built only at the beginning of the XX century on the money collected by the locals. It is the second church in the village, after the first burned down during the Second World War.

4. Proximity of the village Halch to the river Sozh takes not the last place when choosing a holiday. The beautiful clean nature, incredible landscapes, water surface and crystal air will impress any visitor of these parts.

Anyone can plunge into a piece of the history of Belarusian village Halch and enjoy your holiday in fresh air here, and you won't certainly regret the time spent.

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