City `s history.

In the north-east of the Gomel region there is a settlement Chechersk. Chechersk can be called an ideal town or "small Paris", thanks to the chess layout of streets and buildings. According to some historians, the project of the town was designed by the architect Rastrelli, one of the main representatives of Elizabethan baroque. According to the architect's plan, the Town Hall building was majestically located in the center of the city square, at the corners of it there are symmetrically placed Orthodox and Catholic churches. From the square to the city, there are direct roads to four directions. Chechersk is located next to the place of the confluence of Chechery in the river Sozh.

Despite the small area and the number of inhabitants (8,222 people), Chechersk is a historically significant city: for the first time this place is mentioned in 1159, it was on this land that Prince Oleg performed his deeds "Pesn o veschem Olege". Chechersk has a complicated and intricate history, the city was often handed over from hand to hand. The epoch of prosperity can be considered the time of the governor-general Chernyshov. It was during his time that one of the most famous European city halls was built, a number of churches, many factories, the city theater, parks and avenues. In honor of Count ZG. Chernyshev in 2009 a monument was erected near the central town hall.

What to see in the city?

The Belarusian city of Chechersk contains many historical sights and is included in the main tourist route "Golden Ring of Gomel Region". The most popular landmark is the town hall, built in 1159. This is the tallest building, with a beautiful view of the city. At the moment the town ethnographic museum is open in the town hall, where you can see the unusual amulets-coils, a collection of icons, models of city structures made of wood, knight armor, of course, old antique furniture, a hall dedicated to the Soviet era and Further, the visitors' gift hall of the museum.

A separate room in the museum is dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster, which left a heavy mark in the history of the town of Chechersk, signs warning of radiation danger are installed close to the city, so it is not recommended to collect mushrooms, berries and other delicacies.

For lovers of picturesque views, especially in the early autumn, the Castle Mountain will be interesting, in which there was an eight-tower Chechersk castle in the 14th century, unfortunately, the description of the castle did not survive. In 1787, Chernyshev destroyed the castle and built in his place a representative palace, but he did not last long. Now at this place you can find a boulder with the inscription "Here in 1159 the city of Chechersk was born", also close to the boulder is the mass grave of Soviet soldiers and a monument to soldiers-liberators.

Lovers of architecture may be interested in the only surviving Spaso-Transfiguration Church of the era of classicism, built in 1783. The church has a circular shape with a diameter of 15 meters. Here you can see a unique relic - an icon of the righteous John Kormyansky, according to legend, carrying healing.

Also in "Little Paris" you can visit the famous estate of Chernyshev-Kruglikov, the Berdyzh parking lot of the primitive man, the Chechersk winery, and those who like evening walks are advised to visit the local amphitheater built for the 850th anniversary of the city - this is a favorite vacation spot for townspeople. Near the amphitheater you will see the House of Culture and the October cinema. All attractions are within walking distance.

Cultural projects in Chechersk

The traditional festival is the Easter Festival, which takes place in the agro-town of Zalesye, during the festival days, tourists will be able to visit the exhibition of Easter products, the fair of masters, master classes on painting of eggs, and participate in the contest of Easter crafts and drawings. The exhibition of honey products, products of local artisans and craftsmen is held in the framework of the Regional holiday dedicated to the Medoviy Spas. In Babichi village, a large-scale folklore festival "Tracycyynyi Plyni Chacherschchyny" is held annually, dedicated to the celebration of the "Yablochniy Spas".

Where to rest and have a bite

In Chechersk a small selection of restaurants, cafes and other public institutions. You can have breakfast in the cafeteria "Uyut", which is located at the bus station, and eat a hot lunch - in the restaurant "Yubileiny" (cost of lunch for 1 person - 45 000 BYR or $ 3.0). Next to the restaurant is the hotel "Chechersk", there are standard rooms and superior rooms. Lovers of rural tourism can be offered rest in one of the agro-fairs located in the territory of the Chechersk district. Picturesque landscapes, inimitable village color, wide opportunities for leisure activities, cordiality of local residents attract guests to the agritourism of Chechersk region. For those who prefer active recreation, you can go fishing, hunt and ride horses. Lovers of wildlife will be interested in a walk around the park, located near

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