Fr om the town’s history

Jabinka is a regional center situated in the west of Brest region. First it was mentioned in 1816. At that time the owner of the settlement was Goretsky. After several decades Jabinka belonged to Trembitsky family.

1871 was the breakthrough year in the settlement’s history. A permanent way was built near Jabinka and the station 80 of the same name appeared. Since that time Jabinka expanded, the number of people living there increased, first industrial enterprises such as a saw-mill and a cloth workshop appeared.

At the beginning of the 20thcentury Jabinka became the territory of Poland being a part of Kobrin county and Polish voivodeship. In 1928 the settlement became the administrative center of its own county. After the events of 1939 Jabinka as well as other towns of West Belarus was a part of the Soviet Union wh ere it became a regional center. But only in 1970 the settlement got the status of a town.

The origin of the name

There are several ideas about the origin of the name. According to one of these the settlement was named after the Jabinka River because it appeared on its banks. There is also a plant with the similar name of “jabnik”. According to another opinion the town got its name because of Amphibia-toads that inhabited local swamps.

Town’s coat-of-arms

For a long time Jabinka didn’t have its own coat-of-arms and it got it only in December 1991. But after that the emblem wasn’t saved as it was originally and it was completely changed. And only in 2008 town’s coat-of-arms was approved and now it has a picture of the Jabinka River, the place of its flowing into the other river Muhovets. There are also three jabnik flowers, each of which symbolizes the farm, the village and the railway station that appeared there in turn.


Nowadays Jabinka is the satellite town of Brest that is a regional center located in 30 km distance. And you can get there by car using route M-1 that crosses two regions (Brest and Gomel) as well as by railway transport. By the way if you go by train it will take you less than 20 minutes. It’s worth remarking that Jabinka has a route that unites it with another regional center Gomel and the capital of Belarus – Minsk.

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