Over the last two centuries Mikashevichi town is located on the outskirts of Brest region. In this small cozy town there are over 14 thousand people. Mikashevichi borders on Minsk and Gomel regions. This nice town is actually located in the superordinary place. Old-timers say that this city is directly located on granite. Undoubtedly, Mikashevichi is primarily associated with the famous excavation. It is an ambitious stone-pit, in which granite is continuously extracted for many years. Granite is a very valuable natural resource.

Mikashevichi is a fairly young town and it gained this status ten years ago. However, for the first time this place was mentioned in the ancient writings in 1785. The estate of Slutsk Principality of Radziwill family was located on these lands and it consisted of only three yards. There are some legends that the first inhabitants of these places, hidden from the people’s eyes by impassable forests and swamps, were refugees from Russia, present Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The legend says that the name of Mikashevichi came from an indigenous inhabitant of these places named Nicholay Mikash. As time went by, and the village was gradually growing. The construction of Polesie Pinsk - Zhitkovichi railway contributed to this growth. Surprisingly, but the story of Mikashevichi can tell still many fascinating facts.

Several buildings survived in Mikashevichi from the distant past times. They are the religious buildings of temples and Christian churches, various workshops, and the building, in which Children's Art School is based now. The Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist, which was built in 1936, may be called the main architectural heritage of Mikashevichi the town.

We can say that the second birth was gained by the town of Mikashevichi in 60s of the last century, when geologists had identified quite large deposits of granite not far from the village. Actually after this surprising discovery Mikashevichi village began to build up in its full view. Experts from all the different outskirts of the Soviet Union began to move to these lands, to the very heart of the Belarusian Polesie. So a luxurious Palace of Culture, a swimming pool and a wellness camp «Svіtanak» appeared in the village. All of these unique buildings were built thanks to capital investment of an enterprise «Granit».

Now the city is growing by new neighborhood units, gardens and schools.

The Pripyat, the Lan and the Sluch rivers flow near the town. They are perfect places for family vacations, hunting and, of course, fishing. Also, you may have amazing trips around the Pripyat by a pleasure boat.

As the city prospects we can name Mikashevichi the city of the great future.

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