Town of Lyakhovichi, Brest region

The town of  Lyakhovichi is located in the North-Eastern part of Brest region and covers an area of 1.3 thousand sq km. Thus the town is adjacent to the boundaries of the regional centers of Hantsavichy, Ivatsevichi and Baranovichi. Lyakhovichi was founded in January 1940. There are 124 localities and 11 villages in its district centre.

The town of Lyakhovichi was mentioned in historical writings in the early 15thcentury. Historians assert that the town name came from the first people settled in this area, the so-called Pole, when they found a home in these lands for themselves. In the 16th century Lykhovichibecame famous as a defensive castle, where the owner was Prince Zabolotski. Further the lands were donated to the Chodkiewicz family – Ya. Eromin. His son, Jan Karol, was the commander of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He is also known for his victories in numerous battles. After that Jan Karol strengthened his Palace, transformed it into a citadel inaccessible for enemy troops, which is known as ‘Lyakhovichi Fortecia’. The castle was built on an islet of  The Vedma River. To get to the castle was possible only through drawbridges, under which there was a canal full of water.  In the very center of this landscape there was this majestic fort. Soon after Ya.K. Chodkiewicz’s death (1921) Lyakhovichi  became the property of the Sapieha family. Lyakhovichi citadel is one of the most significant in the Republic of Belarus. But though the town went to rack and ruined due to long bloody battles it was revived after years when Soviet power returned again on 18 September 1939.

It is also worth noting that this area is rich in rivers which belong to The Neman basin. Also there are the Minichi and the Netchin reservoirs over the whole area of Lyakhovichi. It is safe to say that the area is a wetland as swamps occupy about 50 thousand hectares.

The leading sector became the processing industry. Production is oriented mainly on processing the local raw materials and agricultural products. Enterprises are focused on production of tinned food, and also dairy, bakery and meat semi-finished products.

In addition there are a lot of historical and cultural monuments, architecture and archaeology.

A monument in the form of stone boulder with the application of Lyakhovichi arms and the protective symbol was constructed in 1999 in the town of Lykhovichi at that place where is the ancient fortress ‘Lyakhovichi Fortecia’. A memorial symbol to the honor of those who had died on these lands was erected in the town center.

The town of Lyakhovichi has a truly amazing history because our ancestors lived, worked and gave their lives on these lands. No doubt every tourist trip to this wonderful town leaves a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. You can rest in the town of Lyakhovichi not only with all your family but also you can stay alone with yourself and with this adorable beauty of nature.


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