Kobrin is located in the West Polissya at a distance of fifty kilometers from Brest on the Mukhavets River. In the city there are more than 52 thousand people. In 2017 Kobrin will celebrate its 730th anniversary.

On the streets of the fourth largest city of the Brest region, cobra never crawled. Nevertheless, the city Kobrin has a magnetic appeal and the mysterious nature of snakes. It attracts thousands of tourists here. In addition, there is a convent here ...

Kobrin: the mystery of the name

Where did the toponym "Kobrin" come from? The secret. But what is not from a venomous snake is a fact. Otherwise, historians and philologists disagree.

  • Associate the name of the city with the Celts and the Celtic name of Kobrunus. It is also possible to link with the nomadic people the Obar (Avars).
  • With the name of the Slav leader of the fishing community, which was allegedly called the Cobr.
  • Occurs from the obsolete word " brnie", which means "swamp", "dirt".
  • From the ancient Slavonic verbs "kobrit" (conceal, hide) and " kobritsya" (live alone). By the way, if we talk about the word "cobra", then in Dal's dictionary it means "handful", "folded hands".

Founding father and his wife

The founding father of Kobrin is the famous prince Vladimir Volynsky (Vasilkovich), who bequeathed the city to his wife Olga in 1287 (note in the Ipatiev Chronicle). This year is considered the date of foundation, although it is clear that the settlement in the place where the Kobrinka flows into Mukhavets appeared earlier.

Whatever it was, the townspeople honored the founder of Kobrin and immortalized the memory of him in a sculptural composition: Vladimir proudly points to Olga on the built city.

Kobrin is a Suvorov city

Many believe that the Kobrin business card is a place historically connected with the life and work of Russian commander Alexander Suvorov, who played an ambiguous role in Belarusian history.

In 1795, for the suppression of the Kosciusko insurrection, Field Marshal Suvorov was granted "an eternal possession" of the estate "Kobrinsky key". In the estate Suvorov lived for three years. Since 1946 in the building there is a military-historical museum named after Alexander Suvorov.

The large park, which was defeated before the Kobrin key in 1768, now wears the name of a Russian commander (by the way, like a local hotel). It is one of the oldest and most beautiful city parks in Belarus. In it, by the way, the aquapark works.

6 milestones in the history of Kobrin

  • 1497 - erection of the Spassky Monastery in the city. The Convent of the All-Merciful Savior operates in Kobrin today;
  • 1540 - opening of the Queen Bona Canal - the first land improvement facility in Belarus;
  • 1589 - Kobrin received the Magdeburg Law. On the arms of the city - St. Anna and the Virgin with the baby. In the same year, the Town Hall appeared in Kobrin (unfortunately, it did not survive);
  • 1706 - the city was occupied by Swedish King Charles XII. There was a Northern War. Kobrin was looted;
  • 1812 - this year on June 15, Russian troops under the leadership of Tormasov won the first victory over Napoleon (Saxon brigade Rainier). In 1912, in honor of this victory, a monument to Russian soldiers was erected in Kobrin, which is near the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • 1864 - in the city erected the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Now - the cathedral. It is interesting that the construction of the cathedral coincided with the abolition of serfdom in the Russian Empire.

Modern city

Kobrin is a clean and green city of the Belarusian Polesye. Here, for example, grow such exotic plants as two-bladed ginkgo and silvery willow (vitellina).

In Kobrin it is easy to breathe and rest. It is not for nothing that the city attracted not only generals, but also poets. Here at one time served as the author of the immortal comedy "Gore ot Uma" of Alexander Griboyedov, and for a time lived the creator of "Vasily Terkin" of Alexander Tvardovsky.

But if without lyrics, the city is famous for its "Kobrin cheese" and children's toys.

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