Ivatsevichy is a small town in the southwest of Belarus situated approximately at the same longitude with Helsinki and at the same latitude with Birmingham, but it isn’t famous for it at all.

With the lily on the shield

Ivatsevichy is a homeland of the national hero of three countries Tadeush Kostyushko and the famous ski brand of «Telekhans». In addition, one can ring the greatest bell of Belarus and admire the symbol of the most extended monument «Arcs of Struve» here.

It is a city with the glorious past, surprising sunsets and unusual fishing trophies. In 2019 Ivatsevichy will celebrate its 500th anniversary.

A small town, where 23 thousand habitants live, is located in the north of Brest region, half-way fr om Brest to Minsk. It stands on the bank of the picturesque Grivda River which is a right inflow of Schara and on the green-gold background of the coat of arms there is a flower of lily – a symbol of purity and aristocratism. “Near the forest, near the fields our native town stands” – it is sung in the urban anthem.

Ivatsevichi: the secret of the name

Historians and local historians can’t claim exactly, where the name of the town of Ivatsevichy comes fr om. But there are at least two versions. 

According to the first one «Ivatsevichy» derived from the name of the founder of the settlement which was Ivach (initially – Ivachevichy).

The second version is based on the legend about the rescued prince: during the hunt a local landowner was hardly tossed by the furious bison. The rescuer of the prince appeared an ordinary peasant by the surname of Ivancevich (Ivan Cevich), whom the landowner gave a plot of land as a token of gratitude. In the place of rescue there was established the settlement of Ivancevichy.

 7 landmarks in the history of Ivacevichy

  • 1519 – the first mention in the chronicles («Lithuanian metrics»)

  • 1654 – the place passed to the ownership of the noble family of Yundilov (which had belonged to Sapieha before);

  • The 4thof February 1746 is Tadeush Kostyushko’s birthday

  • In 1871 Moscow-Brest railway was opened (passes through Ivatsevichy);

  • September 1939 – Ivatsevichy was a part of BSSR

  • The 12th of July, 1944 was the liberation of Ivatsevichy from fascist invaders;   

  • On May, 29 1966 Ivatsevichy was given the town privileges (before it had been a city settlement).

Ivatsevichy: 5 “bewitching little details” for tourist

The special aura of the small town of Ivatsevichy is created at the crossing of the present and the past. Here is the Ice palace, but there is Shibelnaya Mountain too, wh ere sometimes one sees the shade of Kastuś Kalinoŭski. And some more sights:


  1. The heaviest bell in Belarus was set up on the bell-tower of the Church of the sovereign icon of Mother of God in 2006. It weighs two tons!

  2. The Point of Arc Struve. A memorable sign was put in Ivatsevichy in 1930 in honor of large-scale researches of the Earth shape in the beginning of the XIXth century under Vasiliy Struve’s direction.

  3. «Shibelnaya mountain» in Ivatsevichi is a place, wh ere 20 rebels were executed having been defeated by Kalinovskiy’s rebellion in 1863-1864. As a token of memory there are wooden crosses on the top of the mountain.

  4. Yundilov’s country estate. It was erected in the end of XVIIIth. Francishek Yundil, one of the owners of the country estate, actively participated in K. Kalinovskiy’s rebellion and made friends with him.

  5. Kostyushko’s estate-museum. It is located 12 km from Ivatsevichi in the town of Kossovo. (Ivatsevichi region) One of the streets in Ivatsevichi has been named after the national hero of Belarus, Poland and the USA.

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