Zditovo village is one of the oldest settlements in Brest, which began to form before 1300. Zditovo is famous for the fact that it has a remarkably well-preserved monument of wooden architecture - St. Nikita Church, built back in 1502.


Zditovo village is located between two lakes - Black and Sporovsky, not far fr om the river Dorogobuzh. Advantageous location led to the early formation of settlements on these territories. Excavations carried out in Zditovo, made it possible to detect and prove that people had settled here in the Neolithic.

The first mention of the village Zditovo was found in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1252. There is also a mention of an earlier period, dated 1005 year, but it most likely refers to the eponymous town, which was located seven kilometers to the south of the village in ancient times.

According to old-timers, the village was founded by twenty families. The estate of Pan Pogodin was located at the place of the current farm and the workshop. The landlord treated his peasants very well: he let them work for three days for himself and for three days for themselves, provided alcohol and fowl to the workers’ weddings and paid taxes out of his pocket. Pogodin owned distillery, wh ere alcohol was produced, and brickworks. A part of a birch grove was also in possession of Pan Pogodin, so that led to the current name of the area - Guy.

Since the XVI century, the settlement was the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the city Zditov ceased to exist about that time. People, inhabiting the city, left for other places. The village had already gained the status of town in 1430 and become the center of the parish. The documents, dated 1520 year, called Zditovo city. People enjoy all the rights available to the petty bourgeoisie and they also had a tax exempt carrying out a mandatory military service. Zditovo gradually lost the status of the city, being a part of the territories of the Commonwealth, and once again became the borough, and then completely normal village.

The fight of World War II was held on the territory of Zditovo and its surroundings. It became the center of the partisan movement of Brest. From April 3, 1944 to April 11, 1944, the fierce battles were between the partisans and the Germans near Zditovo. Historically significant event went down in history under the name "Zditovo’s defense" and immortalized the name of a small village of Polissya.


There is one of the oldest churches of Belarus on the territory of the village. Not only the fact of preservation of architectural monuments is striking, but also the fact that the church has never closed for more than five hundred years of its existence, the service took place even in the times of religious persecution. Surprising is the fact that St. Nikita Church for a long period of existence was not damaged during the war and natural disasters. "Wood fairy tale of Polesye" - so this wonderful architectural heritage of Brest is called.

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