The village of Perkovichy is located in Drogichin district, Brest region. According to researches, it is named after the pagan god Perun, who is the supreme god of the Slavic pantheon. This is due to the fact that, according to the scientists, once there was a temple, dedicated to the god of thunder and lightning, on the territory of Perkovichy.


Perkovichy is the village of the XVth century, which was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1499. This settlement is known, first of all, for the manor of the Vislouh family, which is transformed into a sanatorium boarding school at the moment. The building is actively used and maintained in excellent condition.

The Vislouh family became the owners of the village in 1756. Construction of the estate was started by Zenon Vislouh in 1805 and continued by his son, marshal of Pruzhany Victor. A park was laid out simultaneously with the construction of the manor. The park got regular design with symmetrical composition contrary to the believes beliefs of that time for the landscape plan. In the old days, there grew a variety of exotic trees in the park, but the park has survived only partially nowadays. The main park alley connected the manor and the Uniate church, where its facades were arranged to face each other.

Particular attention should be given to the pavilion, called "royal", located in the park. It received its name after Perkovichy had been visited by the king of the Commonwealth Stanislav-August Poniatovsky.

The Vislouh family ancestral home is a center of the palace and park ensemble in Perkovichy. The manor is a two-story capital construction raised in the tradition of late Classicism, in the course of reconstruction and minor repairs, the front porch acquired Renaissance features over time. In the building, there were seventeen rooms, furnished with expensive wooden furniture of ash and oak. The palace existed virtually unchanged before the Great Patriotic War. When the residence was converted to a boarding school, reenactors left only the former appearance of the building, the interiors were not restored. Nevertheless, the residence of the Vislouh family remained distinctive and original construction, which is worth seeing in Perkovichi.


The Uniate church is a magnificent architectural monument, made, like the rest of the palace and park ensemble, in the classical style, the construction of which was launched simultaneously with the creation of the park. It was the only operating and maintaining its original appearance for one hundred and fifty years, later renamed the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. There are the ashes of the Bishop Terletsky, standing at the origins of the Union, and is the tomb of the Vislouh family with the remains of Zenon and Felix with their wives. In the 60s of the XX century, when the atheists came to power, the Church repeated the sad fate of hundreds of Christian churches - it was destroyed. It was restored and reopened to the faithful renewed temple only in 1990.

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