A gripping September, or down with the autumn melancholy

Summer is over, it's autumn, and winter is just around the corner! And already begins the autumn depression? Do not want to stay at home, yearning for the summer, do not know what to do?

The solution is! And autumn is not a time for spleen. and this is a wonderful time, when the whole nature can be seen in all the colors of the rainbow, and the ancient castles become even more attractive and mysterious. So why stay at home !?

Let's go for adventure!

Some excursions close their season this year! Therefore hurry!!!!!!

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  • Minsk - Zalesye - Smorgon - Soly - Ostrovets - Gervyaty - Minsk
  • Tours date:
  • Lunch
  • Number of hours 11


  • Minsk - Mir - Brest - Bialowieza Forest - Minsk
  • HB
  • Days: 2

  • Minsk - Polotsk - Vitebsk - Zdravnevo
  • Hotel Belarus
  • HB
  • Days: 2