Spring SPA-tour

Spring is the time of renewal and awakening from sleep. It is at this time that our body especially needs support after the winter difficulties: colds, vitamin deficiency, physical activity restriction.

The main secret of good health lies in the harmony of the soul and body. That is why in the spring we suggest you to restore your strength, cleanse the body and be alone with yourself in the sanatorium "Sosny".

In a beautiful corner of Belarus, not far from Lake Naroch, in just a few days you will be able to harmonize your inner world, while not forgetting about physical activities. Walking along forest paths, swimming pool and gym, SPA procedures, sun room, balanced meals - the best spring rest, a great start to the renewal!

And in order to make your stay even more pleasant, we offer you a discount of 5% when buying a trip to the sanatorium "Sosny" in April 2018 on the promo code "весна".

Let's start your spring with harmony!

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Myadel district, 222405 , Sosny , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 142 km
  • Quiet and measured rest on the lake Naroch, unity with nature. Health and diagnostic programs for pregnant women.